• wooden toothpick manufacturers
  • wooden toothpick manufacturers
  • wooden toothpick manufacturers

Wooden Toothpick Manufacturer

  • Natural birch wood material from Russia
  • Plastic bottle, paper box and so on, various packing
  • Don’t have any bad smell, safe and health
  • High temperature steaming and fumigated
  • Customized toothpick packing with beautiful printing.
  • Supply single sharp point and double sharp point toothpick

Your Leading Wooden Toothpick Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a leading wooden toothpick manufacturer and supplier in China. Our toothpicks are made from natural birch wood material that is imported from Russia. To supply you good quality disposable toothpicks, Panda Bambu has stable wooden toothpicks raw material suppliers in Russia. All of our toothpicks are manufactured according to SGS-PCP regulations. This toothpick manufacturing standards can meet all European, American, and Australian clients’ quality requirements.

Specification2.0 x 65mm
Sharp pointSingle sharp point or double sharp point
PackingIndividual paper or cello, paper box, plastic bottle.

All according to your needs.

MOQ50 cartons only.
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Your Premier Wooden Toothpick Supplier

As a responsible toothpicks manufacturer in China.

Panda Bambu doesn’t add any chemical substance to bleach the toothpicks during manufacturing.

That will cause a bad smell and is harmful to human health.

Panda Bambu selects natural birch wood material only.

We steam the wood under high temperatures to sterilize all harmful bacteria.

If you’re still worried about the bacteria, we can fumigate all toothpicks further.

single and double point toothpicks

As a professional wooden toothpick manufacturer and supplier, Panda Bambu always tries our best to support your wholesale business and enhance your brand image.

Panda Bambu can custom this wooden toothpick following your requirements.

Our toothpick’s normal size is 2.0 x 65 mm.

Both double sharp points and a single sharp point can be supplied.

Packing material can be a plastic bottle, plastic bag, paper box or bulk pack in a box and so on.

Other than this, Panda Bambu can manufacture top-quality individual paper-wrapped, and plastic cell-wrapped toothpicks.

Your or your clients’ logo can be printed on the individual toothpick paper bag.

Usually, we stick a beautiful paper sticker on the plastic bottle or print your artwork on the paper box.

And our client will import and wholesale these toothpicks to chain supermarkets, restaurant supplies distributors, or retail online.

paper wrapped toothpicks manufacturer

In order to meet your clients’ different preferences, Panda Bambu can manufacture bamboo toothpicks for you to choose from.

No matter what’s your business type, Panda Bambu will give you the best solutions according to our rich wooden toothpick manufacturing industry experience.

We will always be your honest partner supplier and hope to grow with you together.

These are lots of wooden toothpick companies in China.

Finding a normal wood toothpick manufacturer or supplier is easy.

However, a trustworthy strategic partner is difficult.

For a wooden toothpick importer purchaser, a manufacturer or supplier has a reasonable price and can be honest is important.

Email Panda Bambu company now.

mint toothpicks manufacturer

We will try our best to support your wooden toothpick business.

We hope to have a talk with you about the wooden toothpick industry development and the future of the toothpick wholesale business.

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