• wooden skewers manufacturer
  • wooden skewers manufacturer
  • wooden skewers manufacturer

Wooden Skewers Manufacturer

  • Natural birch wood material
  • Good smooth surface without any burr
  • High temperature sterilized, with food grade
  • Small MOQ in 50 cartons
  • Supply both whole sharp point and blunt point skewers
  • Top quality skewers is workable on kebab machine

Your Leading Wooden Skewers Manufacturer

As a leading wooden skewers manufacturer and supplier in China, Panda Bambu wholesales quality wooden skewers to the world. Our wooden skewers are made of natural Russia birch wood. To ensure each wooden skewer can contact with foods directly, all of our birch wood skewers material are stewed and sterilized. You do not need to worry if Panda Bambu wooden skewers are food grade. Different from the bamboo skewers manufacturers, most wooden skewers manufacturers are located in the north of China. That is close to the place of origin.

MaterialBirch wood


2.5x150mm, 2.5x200mm, 3.0x300mm,

4.0x300mm, 5.0x300mm, custom according your needs.

Diameter from 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm

Length from 100 mm to 500 mm

Quality gradeNormal quality for hand use.

Top grade for kebab producing machine use.

Sharp pointWhole sharp point, blunt sharp point
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn. 1000pcs x 10bags/ctn.

We can print your company logo on the inner bag.

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Your Best Supplier of Wooden Skewers

Professional disposable skewers supplier and manufacturer always breakthrough geographical restrictions and supply you best solutions.

Panda Bambu can supply both of the bamboo and wooden skewers.

You can purchase according to your needs.

MOQ is from 50 cartons only.

Wooden Skewers manufacturer 4

Panda Bambu’s birch wooden skewers are popularly used for meat skewers, corn, and hot dogs.

Usually, we wholesale and export these skewers by containers to our clients.

Both the whole sharp point and blunt point can be manufactured according to your needs.

If you are a meat skewers manufacturer or factory and you will use the wooden skewers on auto meat skewers machine.

Your professional skewers supplier, Panda Bambu, can supply you top quality wooden skewers with perfect straightness, hardness, and polishing.

Please, tell us your skewers’ length and diameter requirement.

Panda Bambu will custom skewers samples for you for free.

And you can test our skewers’ quality on your machine.

Wooden Skewers manufacturing

If you are in birchwood skewers wholesale and retail business for hand use,

Or you import these skewers and wholesale to restaurants and don’t have a top-quality requirement:

Panda Bambu can manufacture the most cost-effective quality skewers for you.

These wooden skewers have good quality also. They fully meet daily barbecue use.

Nice packing and your logo printing usually are necessary. 100 pieces per bag are a hot sale.

Are you looking for reliable wooden skewers manufacturers and suppliers?

Panda Bambu has rich experience in the wooden skewers manufacturing and export industry.

We will be your best partner in China.

Email us to send an inquiry. You will get a response in 24 hours.

Compared with the wooden skewers, Panda Bambu bamboo skewer is made of reproducible bamboo material.

And it has a better price.

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