• wooden fork manufacturers
  • wooden fork manufacturers
  • wooden fork manufacturers

Wooden Fork Manufacturer

  • 100% degradable birch wood material
  • Manufactured according to SGS-PCP standard
  • Without any chemical, can contact with food directly
  • High temperature and UV sterilized
  • Moisture of each fork under 10%, won’t go moldy
  • Custom printing and packing, laser logo is available

Your Best Wooden Fork Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a leading wooden fork manufacturer and supplier in Asia. Our disposable wooden fork is good cutlery for tasting that sells hot in the foodservice supplies industry. It is also popularly used in parties, big events, picnics, and so on. This disposable fork is manufactured from natural birch wood-100% degradable that is eco-friendly for your customers’ environment. Because more and more countries stopped using plastic items, some food service industry companies have started importing our wooden forks. Due to this, the wooden fork manufactured by Panda Bambu sales volume has surged.

MaterialBirch wood
Length140mm, 160mm and more
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the spoons’ handle
Quality gradeA, B
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn
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Professional Wooden Fork Supplier from China

As a reliable wooden fork manufacturer and supplier, Panda Bambu takes each customer and each wooden fork order seriously.

All our wooden fork is produced according to SGS-PCP regulations.

With natural wood material and without any chemical, our wooden fork can contact with food directly.

There is no need to worry if these wooden forks may go moldy when you stock in your warehouse.

This is because our fork material has been high temperature sterilized by steaming.

And, they are also UV sterilized before packing.

Wooden Fork Manufacturer 4

Besides this, Panda Bambu strictly controls the moisture of each fork under 10% during manufacturing.

That can give the wooden fork a good hardness and a long-time shelf life of over one year.

Many companies are pouring into the wooden cutlery industry in these two years.

Wooden fork, spoons, and knife quality on the market are uneven.

Some of our clients have lost lots of money because of that until they met us.

Panda Bambu always supplies our clients with the right quality wooden cutlery forks at a competitive price.

Wooden Fork Manufacturer 5

With rich experience in wooden fork manufacturing and exporting, we know which quality is the best for your market.

Most of our clients are from Europe and the U.S.

They require good quality wooden cutlery forks with nice printing or bulk packing.

We supply to India also. I have to say that India wood cutlery forks market quality is low, it needs the lowest price also.

So, our manufacturing capacity is prioritized for the European and American markets.

Our wooden fork’s general size is 140 mm and 160 mm.

And our general packing 100 pieced packed in bulk is the hottest.

Wooden Fork Manufacturer 6

We can custom packing and printing according to your requirements.

By the way, Panda Bambu can custom a laser logo for your company.

The logo will be hot stamped on the handle of the wooden fork.

Last but not least, Panda Bambu is actively developing long-term partnerships all over the world.

If you are looking for wooden fork manufacturers and disposable cutlery suppliers, or if you hope to wholesale or distribute our wooden fork, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

Panda Bambu will be your most reliable partner.

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