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Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

  • Natural birchwood material, 100% biodegradable
  • LFGB standard quality that is safe and health
  • Hot stamp logo is available if you need
  • Individual paper or plastic-wrapped cutlery set
  • Good smooth surface, no burr, and spot
  • Small MOQ to support your business

Your Premier Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer in China

Based on over 10 years of experience in the exporting and manufacturing of wooden cutlery, Panda Bambu can be your premium wooden cutlery manufacturer and supplier in China. Our disposable wooden cutlery includes forks, knives, and spoons. All of them are manufactured strictly according to LFGB standards. You have no need to worry about our wooden cutlery’s quality and safety. And we can OEM these wooden cutleries for you.

Length110mm, 140mm, 160mm
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the cutlery handle
Quality gradeLFGB standard, food-grade
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn. Individual paper or plastic-wrapped cutlery set.

Your custom packing and printing are available

MOQ50 cartons only.
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Your Best Wooden Cutlery Supplier

In order to supply your company best quality wooden cutlery,

Panda Bambu uses the best birchwood material only to manufacture wooden cutlery.

That can make sure the finished wooden cutlery has a uniform natural color.

Without dark or brown spots.

And leave your final custom a favorable impression.

Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer-4

As a professional Chinese wooden cutlery manufacturer and supplier,

all of our wooden cutlery has been carefully polished during the manufacturing progress.

Each wooden cutlery has a round and smooth surface.

Our stable and high-quality wooden cutlery will become the best choice for your customers.

Because of the natural wood material,

the wooden cutleries manufactured by Panda Bambu are 100% biodegradable.

With the improvement of environmental awareness,

our wooden cutlery set sales hot in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Wooden Cutlery Supplier-3

If you are in the catering disposables industry and looking for a reliable wooden cutlery manufacturer in China.

Panda Bambu always be your best supplier.

Just tell us your detailed requirements of the wooden cutlery,

you can get one-stop solutions from Panda Bambu.

If the wooden cutlery can’t meet your needs,

we can manufacture bamboo cutlery and cornstarch (PLA material) cutlery for you also.

In order to meet your market different demand.

We can supply standard wooden cutlery 16cm and 14cm for you.

For the wooden spoons, we can manufacture 11cm for you also.

Beyond that, we can manufacture paper and plastic-wrapped wooden cutlery set for you also.

Individual wrapped fork, spoon, and knife are available also.

And we can put the napkin in the bag if you need that.

Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer-5

If you want to enhance or promote your brand image, we can print your company logo on the paper bag.

In a word, Panda Bambu can supply you with a full range of wooden cutlery customized services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with the best wooden cutlery manufacturer and supplier in China!

Leave us your detailed requirements or questions.

You will get a response in 24 hours.

The Helpful Guide for wooden cutlery Importers

How are wooden cutlery manufactured?

As a leading wooden cutlery manufacturer in China.

Panda Bambu has rich experience in wooden cutlery manufacturing.

Below are our detailed manufacturing technology.

1. Cut the birchwood tree into cylindrical wooden blocks

2. Put the wooden blocks on the barking machine. And remove the bark of the wood material.

How are wooden cutlery manufactured-1

3. Stewing the cylindrical wooden blocks in boiled water to sterilize. And soften the wood material. That can make the material easy to be processing.

4. Further progressing the wooden blocks into coiled material. Then we can get the base material of the cutlery.

How are wooden cutlery manufactured-3

5. Put the wood coiled material into a pressing machine. Then we can get the semi-finished cutlery. It has the shape of fork, knife, spoon, and spork, and so on. But it’s flat, no curve.

6. Put the wet wood cutlery in a dryer machine. Moisture will under 5%. That can make the cutlery harder and give you long shelf life.

7. By constantly polishing, the edges of the cutlery will be smoothed. That is important for your final customers’ using.

8. After a series of above manufacturing and progressing, our worker will select and collect the good quality semi-finished cutlery. And discarding the defective semi-finished cutlery.

9. Put semi-finished cutleries in the high-temperature molding machine piece by piece.

How are wooden cutlery manufactured-5

After being pressed by the high-temperature molding machine, we got the final wooden cutlery (fork, knife, spoon, and spork).

The quality check is carried out at the same time in this process.

10. Finally, our worker will pack the wooden cutlery according to your requirements. All custom packing is workable.

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