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Manufactured according SGS, FDA and LFGB standard.
Custom plastic bag, paper box packing with your company logo.

Your Reliable Toothpick Manufacturer in China

Panda Bambu is a professional toothpick manufacturer and supplier in China.Our company toothpicks are made from natural bamboo or birch wood, all of which are 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly for your clients living environment. Most of the clients we serve are European and American catering disposables importers and wholesalers.

wooden toothpick

Our wooden toothpick is food grade quality. Supply single sharp pint and double sharp point for you to choose. MOQ start from 50 cartons. Your company logo can be printed on the inner packing.

bamboo toothpicks supplier

Manufactured from natural bamboo. Plastic bottle, individual paper wrapped, individual cello wrapped is the hottest. And we can custom popular packing for you according to your wholesale market.

custom toothpick flag

Our company can supply you all world countries’ toothpick flags. And we can custom your company logo on the flags also. Popular wholesaled to party supplies importer and wholesaler.

Frilly Toothpicks manufacturer 1

Made of natural birch wood toothpicks and cellophane. All these disposable frilled picks are food grade quality. Custom toothpick’s size, inner packing and printing for your company.

Why Global Importers Work with Us

Small MOQ
We tired our best to lower the MOQ to 30~50 cartons to support you.
Competitive Price
Our mature supply chain has lowered the cost. That can leave you a good price.
Custom Service
Custom according your company requires size, packing and printing.
Free Sample
We can arrange free samples to your company if you are a sincerity buyer.
Short Deliver Time
For normal products, the fastest deliver time of 20’GP need 15 days only.
Top Grade Quality
All products are according SGS-PCP or CE standard. That is safe and health.

Need Help?

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Your Premier Toothpick Supplier in China

Panda Bambu is a supplier and manufacturer who has a good reputation in the disposable toothpicks industry.

That’s because our bamboo and wooden toothpicks have perfect quality.

They don’t smell bad, have no burr or spots.

toothpicks manufacturers 3

To supply your company top and consistent quality toothpick, Panda Bambu establishes a complete toothpick raw material supplier and packing material supplier system.

To make sure each toothpick has a good smooth surface, we strictly control the polish time during the toothpicks manufacturing.

By the way, Panda Bambu dries all toothpicks and controls the moisture content under 10%.

Our toothpicks won’t go moldy or bad even when you store them in your warehouse over one year.

For a toothpick manufacturer and supplier, providing safe and healthy toothpicks to your clients is the most important thing.

All of our bamboo and wooden toothpicks have been high temperature sterilized and even fumigated.

All harmful bacteria are killed during the toothpick material steaming.

bamboo items workshop

We also don’t add any harmful chemical substances to improve the toothpick appearance during manufacturing as this is contrary to business ethics.

Panda Bambu never and won’t make this ill-gotten gain.

You do not need to worry about whether the toothpicks are food grade if your purchase from Panda Bambu.

We are your honest partner and supplier in China.

To support your wholesale or brand business, Toothpick manufacturer – Panda Bambu supplies custom service.

We can print your company logo and artwork on the toothpick bottles and paper boxes.

And as a professional toothpicks manufacturer, Individual paper-wrapped toothpicks, cello wrapped toothpicks, and mint toothpicks can be supplied too.

Double sharp point or single sharp point toothpicks is also supplied according to your needs.

If you have no idea about how to choose bamboo toothpick and wooden toothpick;

which kinds of packing is popular in your market?

How to choose the right toothpick packing to sell in your local supermarket?

So many styles and material plastic bottle or jar for a toothpick, which is the most right?

Panda Bambu has rich experience with that.

bulk toothpicks

We can give you some helpful suggestions according to your business type and targeted market.

In the disposable toothpicks manufacturing industry, baddies and good toothpicks manufacturers and suppliers mixed.

It’s hard to tell which one is reliable and professional.

If you are sourcing a reliable toothpick manufacturer and supplier, Panda Bambu is your best choice.

We can supply your company top quality toothpick at competitive prices.

Email us to get a quick quote now.

Toothpicks – The Complete FAQ Guide for Importers

Do you want to import high-quality toothpicks for your disposable products wholesale business?

If you are in the toothpick international trading or distributing business, then you have come to the right place.

As a professional toothpicks manufacturer, our guide will tell you more about toothpicks from all angles.

Such as toothpicks manufacturing, material, environmental features, and so on.

What kinds of wood are used to make a toothpick?

Panda Bambu’s toothpicks are manufactured by white birch wood.

It’s the most cost-effect material in the market.

Why doesn’t Panda Bambu use poplar wood?

Poplar wood has a low price, but it has low density. This causes the toothpicks to be too soft.

That will leave your final customer with a bad experience.

biodegradable toothpicks manufacturer

Why don’t we use beech wood?

That’s because it’s too hard, difficult to manufacture, and has a high cost.

After an in-depth study, Panda Bambu selected birch wood and bamboo material to manufacture toothpicks for you.

That’s because they have good quality, low cost, and easy to process.

How are toothpicks manufactured?

Panda Bambu uses state of the art machinery to prepare the best toothpicks for your business.

Firstly, we render birch logs into smooth barkless cylinders by using de-barkers.

Panda Bambu strictly controls the polish time so that our toothpicks have a good smooth surface.

We also make sure that all our toothpicks are completely heat sterilized and fumigated.

Furthermore, material seaming ensures that all bacteria are killed in the process.

Faulty toothpicks are then removed by a sifter.

Panda Bambu ensures that no toothpick is smelly, or has a spot or burr.

In the entire toothpick manufacturing process, Panda Bambu strictly ensures that no harmful chemicals are added.

Our manufacturing process ensures that we are able to provide top quality toothpicks for your business.

What material are food-grade toothpicks?

To be considered food grade, a material must be:

  • Safe for human consumption.
  • Safe to come in contact with food.
  • Non-toxic.

Our company’s natural bamboo toothpicks and birch toothpicks are completely safe and food-grade.

toothpick manufactuer‘s material

In order to supply your company safer food grade toothpicks,

Panda Bambu uses 100% natural material only.

And all of our toothpicks have been high temperature sterilized in the manufacturing process.

Which toothpicks are biodegradable?

Panda Bambu’s bamboo and birch wood toothpicks are representative of biodegradable toothpicks.

All these toothpicks are manufactured from 100 % biodegradable material.

You know more and more countries have issued a plastic ban.

If you are looking for a biodegradable toothpicks supplier, Panda Bambu will be your best choice.

food-grade toothpicks factory

Where is the toothpick capital of the world?

China manufactures the most number of toothpicks in the world.

So, China is the well-deserved toothpick capital of the world.

We at Panda Bambu have mastered the art of high-quality toothpick manufacturing.

toothpick capital China

How many toothpicks are in a box?

There is no standard quantity per box.

Panda Bambu can provide custom packing as per your preference.

100pcs per box, 200pcs per box, 500pcs per box, all is workable.

box toothpick supplier

And we can control the toothpicks number error is under 3%.

Besides this, we can manufacture different material toothpicks boxes for you.

Such as paper box, PVC box, and so on.

Do toothpicks have chemicals?

Yes, some small unknown factories’ toothpicks have harmful chemicals.

These toothpicks manufacturers use hydrogen peroxide or Rongalite to process toothpicks.

That leaves their toothpicks a nice looking. But it’s harmful to your final customers’ health.

food safety toothpick manufacturer

As a responsible toothpicks manufacturer and supplier,

We at Panda Bambu strictly avoid any harmful chemicals in our toothpicks.

We always try our best to supply 100% natural toothpicks to boom your business.

What is the average diameter of a toothpick?

Our company is in the toothpick manufacturing business for years.

With our experience, the average diameter of bamboo and wooden toothpicks is 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, and 2.5mm.

Toothpick s' diameter - Panda Bambu

2.5mm toothpicks sales are popular in Southeast Asia.

The final customer uses these 2.5mm toothpicks to pick up escargots to eat at restaurants.

Less used for cleaning teeth.

Let us know more about your market.

Panda Bambu will supply you with the most right toothpicks to support your trading business.

How long is a standard toothpick?

As a professional toothpick manufacturer in China,

we have managed to determine the most optimum toothpick lengths.

Toothpicks length

Our standard length is 65mm and 100mm.

65mm is a normal toothpick

100mm is the most commonly used length for food picks, that can be custom manufactured for you.

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