Tips of How to Use Chopsticks


We know how clumsy we can all get when we have to deal with those chopsticks. And yes it’s embarrassing to dine in that fine Chinese restaurant. They offer you pair of chopsticks.

Most certainly when you do not have any idea on HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKS. All you notice is the way people around you have their way with the chopsticks. And you just cannot even manage to hold them.

Follow these simple steps and learn HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKS. The next thing we know is you dining in that favorite Chinese place, and flaunting your chopstick skills. Go and conquer the world!



1. Use your dominant hand

Take one of the chopsticks first.

And carefully position it between your middle finger, then the base of your thumb.

Ensure it’s a steady position and hence the chopstick should not move around.

It’s similar to how you hold a pen, but a bit lower.

For a more formal approach,

one can lay the chopstick on the ring finger rather than the middle.

Again you should maintain a sturdy position.


chopsticks using tips

2. The second chopstick

Get onto the second after successfully positioning the first chopstick.

Hold this chopstick between index finger and thumb.

Unlike the first, this chopstick is the one that will move.

Position your hands for a more comfortable grip.

And you need ensure that both the ends are sticking out evenly.




3. Practice the motion

Avoid crisscrossing your chopsticks.

Now start practicing the up and down motion.

You have to move the top chopstick only.

The bottom one will only rest and help you to support the food you picked up.

Check where your hand is more comfortable.

A bit towards the end or way up to the base maybe better.

You know different people will have different positions.

Just like you hold your pen to hold the chopstick comfortable.

tips how-to-use-chopsticks

4. Shift towards food

So this is where the fun begins!

Get some real food to practice with.

For beginners, it will be easier for you to try foods with big and even pieces.

Position your chopsticks around the piece of food and try getting a solid grip.

Try to pick it up and repeat.

Practice and build your confidence.

Then move onto other food types to get a smooth hand at it.

And ultimately become a master by working your way with those noodles.

Through the above, I think you have got the quintessence of how to use chopsticks.



5. Words of advice

Don’t fret when you have a bowl full of rice in front of you.

You can always lift the bowl close to your mouth in order to have it.

This will not break any etiquette rule and is perfectly acceptable!

And what about takeaway chopsticks?

Is it inappropriate for you to takeaway chopsticks from a restaurant?

Will it break the etiquette rule?

Well, to follow the code it is perfectly normal if you are using those disposable chopsticks.

You still wonder disposable take-out chopsticks is not environmental-friendly?

In fact disposable bamboo chopsticks can protect our forest.

We should encourage use these disposable bamboo chopsticks.

Because bamboo can grow over 30cm in 24 hours.

Enjoy chopsticking!

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