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  • Round Bamboo Sticks Suppliers
  • Round Bamboo Sticks Suppliers

Round Bamboo Sticks Supplier

  • Natural bamboo material that is biodegradable
  • Specification, packing and printing is customizable
  • Both sharp point and blunt point can be supplied.
  • Manufacturing according to SGS-PCP regulations.
  • All skewer sticks have a warranty of over one year.
  • Rich experience can give you best suggestion

Your Best Round Bamboo Sticks Supplier in China

Panda Bambu is a professional round bamboo sticks supplier in China. All of our round sticks were made from natural bamboo material that is 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly for your clients’ living environment. These round skewers’ length and diameter can be customized according to your requirement. Your logo can be hot stamped on the bottom of the skewers. As a reliable round bamboo sticks supplier, the quality and price of Panda Bambu Skewers is highly recognized in EU, US, and AU markets. We serve clients that include disposable catering supplies importers, distributors, wholesalers, chain supermarkets, and kebab skewers factories.

MaterialMao and Dan bamboo
Specification2.5x150mm, 3.0x215mm, 3.0x300mm,

4.0x300mm, 5.0x300mm, Custom according your needs.

Diameter from 2.5mm to 6.0mm

Length from 100mm to 500mm

Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the skewers
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn. 1000pcs x 10bags/ctn.

We can print your company logo on the inner bag.

MOQ50 cartons/item
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Your Premier Round Bamboo Sticks Manufacturer

Our bamboo round sticks popular used for BBQ or other foods pick up by your final clients.

And it can be used as flower plant supporting sticks also.

Custom size and packing are available.

We can also print your artwork design on the plastic bags.

Usually, we supply the whole sharp point round bamboo sticks to our clients.

If your market has higher safety requirements for the round skewers, Panda Bambu can custom blunt point skewers for you.

Blunt Point Skewers

For you to get quality round bamboo skewers, we produce all our skewers in accordance with SGS-PCP regulations.

Our bamboo sticks are exposed to high temperatures, fumigation, and sterilization to ensure their quality and longevity.

Besides, the moisture of our stick is often below 12%.

This helps to avoid the sticks from growing molds.

skewer sticks moisture

You can stock our round bamboo sticks over one year in your warehouse without worry about them degrading or molding.

With the above manufacturing technique. Panda Bambu ensures that all-round bamboo sticks can come into contact with food directly.

Generally, you can use our round bamboo sticks to produce kebab skewers, distribute in chain supermarkets or wholesale to retailers.

Disposable skewers are unappealing to the eye and look so simple.

However, the quality is different in thousands of ways.

round bamboo sticks machine

As around bamboo sticks manufacturer with over 8 years’ skewers industry experience,

Panda Bambu can suggest you the right quality round sticks according to your needs.

For our new clients, we can supply free samples to confirm the round bamboo sticks quality is workable for you and your market.

We can also supply free skewers packed with your logo sample, which we send for you first to confirm the quality before the actual order is loaded into containers for shipping.

If you don’t like what you in the samples we send, we are always ready to improve until you’re satisfied with our product.

Get a quote now! A dependable round bamboo sticks supplier won’t disappoint you!

The Helpful Guide for Round Bamboo Sticks Importers

What’s the difference between bamboo and wooden sticks?

Wooden sticks’ material is birch wood. Bamboo sticks’ material is natural bamboo.

Bamboo sticks have a better price and hardness than wooden sticks.

Bamboo material is more renewable and environmentally friendly.

Both bamboo and wooden skewer sticks are workable on an auto kebab machine.

If you required normal quality, bamboo sticks will be your best choice.

If your kebab machine required the most top-grade quality, we suggest you birch wood sticks.

wood v.s bamboo

Is your bamboo skewer sticks food grade?

Yes. All of our bamboo sticks, skewers are manufacturing from natural bamboo material.

High temperature sterilized, without any additive.

The round sticks’ production is according to SGS-PCP regulations.

Its food-grade quality can be contacted with foods directly.

food safe disposables

Who manufactures the best bamboo round sticks?

Panda Bambu is a leading bamboo round sticks manufacturer and skewers supplier in China.

Our company supplies dozens of standard sticks size. And we can custom the round sticks’ diameter and length for your company.

Besides this, we can laser print your company logo on the end of the round sticks.

Custom colorful plastic bag, paper box packing are available.

Seeking a bamboo round sticks manufacturer? Panda Bambu will be your best partner.

How to choose the right bamboo sticks for my business?

Panda Bambu suggests you four tips to make sure you always got the right quality.

1. MUST ask for samples from your supplier. The sample quantity of over 50 pieces will be better. Small quantity samples’ quality is not representative.

2. Send samples to your supplier if possible. The supplier usually can check more details which you didn’t notice before. Sometimes, the details are deadly.

3. Be captious for the samples even the sample is perfect. That will let your supplier keep cautious and do better.

4. You get what you pay for. Bargain is needed, don’t be too greedy.

What can you supply me if I purchase from Panda Bambu?

Panda Bambu is a professional bamboo round sticks supplier which has rich experience.

Just told us how you or your clients will use these round sticks.

We can recommend you right sticks’ quality according to your market.

Or you can tell us your budget, we can custom the sample according to your budget and sent you by DHL.

Then you can check whether the sticks’ quality is workable.

round bamboo sticks bulk

Compared with Vietnam, How about the China bamboo sticks?

Because of geographical advantage, Chinese bamboo tree is growing in a wide Latitude environment.

It means China has more bamboo species than Vietnam.

To compare with the Vietnam bamboo sticks,

China can supply more different material, more different quality bamboo round skewer sticks for you to choose.

China is the largest round bamboo sticks place of origin in the world.

It has many mature bamboo round sticks Industrial belt location.

And most suppliers have a mature production system than Vietnam.

A reason may explain why you got bad quality bamboo sticks?

As I told you in the last questions.

In order to meet different clients’ market requirements, there are so many different quality of bamboo round sticks in the Chinese market.

Some buyers don’t know the round sticks has so many different quality.

They believe the bamboo round sticks is simple products.

And misunderstand the quality of the bamboo sticks from different suppliers is almost the same.

Just want lower and lower and lower prices, pay too less attention to the quality of the round sticks.

The supplier has no choice, but just supply you the quality according to the final price.

That led the purchaser to buy the wrong quality bamboo round sticks.

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