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Wooden Sashimi Sushi Boat Wholesale

  • Natural material, safe and health
  • Custom size and packing
  • MOQ start from 500 pieces per item
  • Manufacturing according to SGS-PCP regulations.
  • All sushi boat have a warranty of over one year.
  • Rich experience can give you best suggestion

Wholesale Wooden Sashimi Sushi Boat from China

Our elegant wooden sashimi sushi boat can be made from natural pine wood or bamboo material. All of our sushi boat has good surface that is easily to clean and non-stick. In order to make sure you got perfect quality. We use all-natural material and no chemical additives. And these sushi boats have not any bad smell. Besides of this, It was produced according FDA regulations that has a food grade. You have no need to worry about the quality if purchase from us.


MaterialPine Wood or Bamboo
Specification50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm can be customized
ColorNatural, no bad smell
Packing10pcs per carton
MOQ50 cartons/item
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Your Leading Wooden Sashimi Sushi Boat Manufacturer

As a wooden sashimi sushi boat manufacturer and supplier in China.

Our sushi boat are popular use in Japanese restaurants.

It’s really a great tool to fill Japanese sushi or sashimi.

Our company wholesale these wooden sashimi sushi boat in premium quality and competitive price.

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These sashimi sushi boat has been sold to lots of importers, distributors in the Japanese foodservice industry.

Besides this, we can supply disposable wooden sheath boats also.

Packing and specification can be customized to follow your requirements.

Lots of our clients purchase these wooden sashimi sushi boats with other related products like bamboo sushi chopsticks, steamer, and more.

If you purchase from us, You can mix all these items in a container. And LCL orders are acceptable also.

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