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Disposable Wooden Skewer Manufacturer

  • Natural birch wood material
  • Good smooth surface without any burr
  • High temperature sterilized, with food grade
  • Small MOQ in 50 cartons
  • Supply both whole sharp point and blunt point skewers
  • Top quality skewers is workable on kebab machine

Your Leading Disposable Wooden Skewer Supplier

Our wooden skewers are manufacturing from all-natural birch wood. And these disposable wooden skewer is safe to use. We are able to supply different types of disposable wooden skewers in sharp or blunt points. These quality disposable skewers are a good solution for your meat machine use. Round bamboo skewers can be manufactured for you also. You can purchase according your markets’ requiremetns.

MaterialBirch wood


2.5x150mm, 2.5x200mm, 3.0x300mm,

4.0x300mm, 5.0x300mm, custom according your needs.

Diameter from 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm

Length from 100 mm to 500 mm

Quality gradeNormal quality for hand use.

Top grade for kebab producing machine use.

Sharp pointWhole sharp point, blunt sharp point
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn. 1000pcs x 10bags/ctn.

We can print your company logo on the inner bag.

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