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Disposable Wooden Cup Supplier

  • Natural wood material that is biodegradable
  • Custom specification, packing and printing
  • Natural color, without any bad smell
  • Manufacturing according to SGS-PCP regulations
  • All sheath cone have a warranty of over one year
  • Cones, boats, bowls and more related products

Your Best Disposable Wooden Cup Supplier in China

Panda Bambu’s is a reliable supplier and manufacturer for the disposable wooden cup. These disposable wooden cups are made of natural pine wood material and are 100% biodegradable. They are perfect to have for a truly unique and elegant dining experience. We can custom the size and packing according to your company requirements. Our pretty disposable sheath cones, boats, bowls, and other similar products are perfect for showing off your food taste and for your guests to enjoy.

Specification3inch, 4inch and so on
ColorNatural, no bad smell
Packing50pcs x 100bags/ctn. Can be customized
MOQ30 cartons/item
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