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Bamboo Toothpicks Factory

  • Natural bamboo material, 100% biodegradable
  • Food grade, can be used to pick up food
  • Individual paper wrapped and plastic cello wrapped
  • All toothpicks have been a polished good smooth surface
  • Toothpicks won’t deteriorate even you stock one year.
  • Top quality bamboo toothpicks with competitive price

Wholesale Bamboo Toothpicks from China

Panda Bambu is a leading bamboo toothpicks supplier in China. Our company wholesale disposable bamboo toothpicks from China. It can be packed in a clear bottle with a paper label. Paper wrapped, cello-wrapped toothpicks packed in the paper box can be supplied also. That can meet your different market needs. These Eco-friendly bamboo toothpicks are environmentally friendly. And It can be used to clean teeth after dinner or to pick up fruits from the fruit bowl during parties and so on. We can manufacture wooden toothpicks for you also.

MaterialNatural bamboo
Specification2.0 x 65mm
Sharp pointSingle sharp point or double sharp point
PackingIndividual paper or cello, paper box, plastic bottle.

All according to your needs.

MOQ50 cartons only.
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