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Bamboo Bulk Toothpicks

  • Natural bamboo material, 100% biodegradable
  • Food grade, can be used to pick up food
  • Individual paper wrapped and plastic cello wrapped
  • All toothpicks have been a polished good smooth surface
  • Toothpicks won’t deteriorate even you stock one year.
  • Top quality bamboo toothpicks with competitive price

Your Reliable Bamboo Bulk Toothpicks Manufacturer

As a leading bamboo toothpicks supplier, Ourbamboo bulk toothpicks wholesale at a competitive price. Although these toothpicks have less packaging, they still retain their high quality. All the bamboo toothpicks have been subjected to high-temperature sterilization during production according to the FDA regulations. You can import these bulk bamboo toothpicks and repack them in bottles for sale in supermarkets. Or they can be sold wholesale to some catering supplies’ markets. The high quality of these toothpicks allows some of our clients to use them to puncture and secure meats for cooking. By the way, we can manufacture wooden toothpicks for your company also.

MaterialNatural bamboo
Specification2.0 x 65mm
Sharp pointSingle sharp point or double sharp point
PackingIndividual paper or cello, paper box, plastic bottle.

All according to your needs.

MOQ50 cartons only.
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