• Paper straws manufacturer
  • Paper straws manufacturer
  • Paper straws manufacturer

Paper Straws Manufacturer

  • Kraft paper material, 100% recyclable
  • Custom size, packing and printing
  • Food grade quality, safe and healthy
  • Hold up a long time in the liquids
  • Over two hundred different designs
  • Small MOQ to support your business

Your Premier Paper Straws Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a disposable paper straws manufacturer or producer in China? Panda Bambu is a professional straws manufacturer in China. We can supply you with quality colorful paper straws in bulk. All of our paper straws are manufactured from Kraft paper material. It’s 100% recyclable and degradable and Eco-friendly for your clients’ living environment. Kraft paper generally is the best straw to use instead of plastic straws. So, Panda Bambu disposable compostable straws are a sunrise product for your wholesale business.

Material100% Kraft paper
Specification6.0 x 210mm, 8.0 x 210mm, 11x210mm and more
PaperweightThree layers paper, 120g+120g+60g
Printing InkFood grade ink
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn or custom
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Your Professional Paper Straws Supplier

To make sure all paper straws we manufactured are food grade, Panda Bambu selects and use food-grade ink to print on the paper straws.

We also always go for the Kraft paper material manufacturer and supplier with a good reputation in the paper material industry.

In order to get longer hold up time in the liquids, Panda Bambu uses quality Kraft paper coated with waterproof gloss oil.

Our paper straws’ printing won’t fade in water, and all paper straws won’t get soggy or disintegrate in 24 hours in cold drinks and won’t get soggy or disintegrate in 2 hours in hot drinks.

Paper Straws Manufacturer 4

In the disposable paper straws international wholesale business, Panda Bambu never stops improving the paper straws’ manufacturing technique.

All of our paper straws are made of three layers of paper.

Two layers 120g paper as the inner and middle paper of the straws, and then covered a 60g paper with your cost printing.

That has a better hardness than any other paper straws manufacturers and suppliers.

As a professional paper straws company and producer, Panda Bambu supplies over two hundred different paper straws printing designs for your clients to choose.

Paper Straws Manufacturer 5

Black, white, yellow, red, polka dot, and striped paper straws are our normal style.

And we can customize according to your requirement.

Each paper straws can be individual paper-wrapped if you need it.

And your brand name can be printed on the small paper bag.

Above all, Panda Bambu can supply quality colorful paper straws with customer service.

All straws are food grade and compostable, safe, and healthy.

We will be your best partner for your paper straws wholesale business.

Paper Straws Manufacturer 6

If you hope to import reusable straws, Panda Bambu can manufacture bamboo straws for you also.

Ask a free quote of your next disposable paper straws or reusable straws order now.

You will get Panda Bambu’s response in 24 hours.

The Definitive FAQ Guide to Paper Straws

Who manufactures paper straws?

Panda Bambu Manufactures quality paper straws in China.

With top-grade quality, our paper straws have been exported to American, European, and Australian markets.

Just tell us your requirements, we can manufacture according to your needs.

Specification, packing, and printing, all are customizable.

Panda Bambu always is your reliable partner.

What are your paper straws made from?

Our paper straws are made from Kraft paper.

It’s 100% biodegradable.

In order to make sure you got food-grade quality straws,

All of our Kraft paper straws’ material is imported from European and North American.

Can you supply me paper straws making machine?


Panda Bambu can supply whole set paper straws making machine.

According to you expect output, we will give you the best machine combinations.

Our engineer will guide you to start the paper straws producing step by step.

Why some paper straws are easily going moldy?

In order to lower the producing cost,

There have a small parts of paper straws’ manufacturers prefer to add water in the glue during producing.

And these paper straws didn’t completely dry.

That will cause the paper straws’ bacterial excess and go moldy.

Panda Bambu is ashamed of playing such tricks.

Our company always tried our best to maintain the China paper straws industry reputation.

Will your paper straws go moldy?

Panda Bambu uses top quality food-grade glue only.

And we drying all paper straws completely.

So, you have no need to worry about the paper straws go moldy if you purchase from us.

In addition, Panda Bambu can manufacturing paper straws with 100% no glue for you.

That can totally avoid the paper straws go moldy if you store them properly.

How long does it take for the paper straws to completely degrade?

Usually, our paper straws can be completely degraded in 6 to 24 months.

Safety and environmental protection.

It’s really a perfect straw instead of plastic straws.

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