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Exporter and Supplier of quality non woven fabric bags at the lowest prices!

  • Customizable to any shape, size, and color
  • Stronger and carries heavier loads
  • Durable and Long lasting
  • Tear-resistant
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What are non woven bags?

Non woven bags use fabric that is made from polypropylene fibers. These fibers are fused together either by thermal, chemical or mechanical treatments. Compared with cotton and canvas fabric bags, these non woven bags can be manufactured more efficiently. These bags include lightweight, foldable and portable features for ease of use. With its excellent loading capacity, it can be suitable for many uses and occasions. That’s why they are popular in the market.

As premier suppliers, we give you the option to choose your own design. And we can personalize according to the purpose of your business. Panda Bambu provides versatile ready-made styles for faster manufacturing. And also offer additional processing technology such as bottom gussets, additional seams, bottom inserts, etc.

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Non Woven Bags by Design

Our company has many different designs for the non woven bags. Here are some designs for your reference.

  • d cut non woven bags manufacturer

    Our Die-cut non woven bags can be reusable. Punch holes in the opening of a nonwoven bag for easy carrying. That can save our manufacturing cost and lower your promotion costs.

  • Vertical non woven bags manufacturer

    These vertical nonwoven bags are manufactured from high-quality fabric. It has good tensile strength and hard to tear off. To meet your customers’ different preferences, dozens of colors can be chosen.

  • Horizontal non woven bags manufacturer

    Panda Bambu can manufacture horizontal non woven bags for you also. Because of the large opening, these bags can be used for supermarket promotions or gift packing.

  • T type non woven bags manufacturer

    Our T-type non woven bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. China Canton Fair and some promotions company prefer this type non woven bag. It has a very strong loading capacity.

  • non woven t shirt bag manufacturer

    With the decommissioning of plastic bags, our non woven T-shirt bag manufacturing is getting busy. Fill in fruits and vegetables, It’s the best degradable bag to replace the plastic bag.

  • standing tote non woven bags manufacturer

    Our standing tote non woven bags is a 3D version of Die-cut bags. It has increased the loading capacity. It’s easy to stand up for loading. MOQ start from 1000 pieces only.

  • splicing non woven bags supplier

    These splicing non woven bags are manufactured from two pieces of different color fabric. It’s looking more fashionable than other bags. That is perfect to load clothes, shoes or cosmetics.

  • reinforced non woven bags manufacturer

    We have added two pieces of woven belts to reinforced our nonwoven bags. Our stitches of the bag are tight and strong. Compared with other bags, our bags have a better bearing capacity.

  • non woven foldable bags manufacturer

    To manufacture quality non-woven foldable bags, Panda Bambu adds a snap-fastener on the bag. When your customers don’t use it, our bag can be folded. Your customers will go for this bag.

  • non woven drawstring bags manufacturer

    Our non woven drawstring bags are popularly used for gift packing, sundries storing, or dust-proof. The size and color of our bags can be custom according to your needs.

  • More commonly used for grocery shopping. A distinguishing feature is the W-shaped top of the bag. Thickness can be adjusted according to your preference. Can be plain or printed and available in different colors.

Product Feature Box


Non woven bags are reusable bags that consume less energy to manufacture than plastic bags.


Our bags can be used for any business promotion whether it be for retail, individual brands or institutions.

Solid and Durable

Our bags are not easily torn into pieces and are convenient for carrying heavier promotional items.

Cost Effective

Our high quality bags are priced fairly with the lowest MOQ offered to our loyal customers.

Company introduction

Panda Bambu is a professional manufacturer and supplier of non woven bags.

Our company continuously provides you with the highest quality products at the best prices available.

We strive to produce the best non woven bags by utilizing and developing our own private factory and facilities.

Upgrades are constantly deployed to our process to cater to your growing and changing needs.

Our latest Flexo-printing and Rotogravure printing machines provide you with the best quality prints for your bags at faster lead times.

woven fabric bags manufacturer
woven fabric bags manufacturer-1

Manufacturing Produce

Design: Our designer will work with you to create an effective design for your non-woven bags. We offer free typesetting design services.

Material selection: After confirming the design, we will prepare the non-woven materials according to your color, weight, and size preferences.

Printing: We offer screen printing, flexographic printing, and gravure lamination printing to ensure that your design is printed with the right colors.

Cutting: Our cutting master will accurately cut your non-woven bags to size, with a maximum error of 1cm. For larger orders, we use machine cutting with minimal errors.

Sewing: Our professional sewing masters will stitch your non-woven bags to perfection. And we can meet your customization needs in large quantities.

Packaging: We will pack your non-woven bags in waterproof bags. With quantities ranging from 50 to 1000 depending on the size.

Our Printing Technology

1. Screen Printing – This is for single-color printing directly onto plain or laminated non woven fabrics.

2. Flexo Printing – Suitable for simple patterns and prints. Fabric is passed through rotating cylinders with designed rubber plates passing the ink to the fabric.

3. Rotogravure Printing (On BOPP Film) – design is first printed on a film. The printed film is then laminated to the surface of the non woven fabric for a more vibrant outcome.

4. Embossing – This can only be done on laminated non woven fabrics. Fabric is sent under a press to create a raised image or design on the surface.

5. Hot Stamping – This option is also only done on laminated non woven fabrics. Heated design molds with ink are pressed onto the surface of the fabric.

woven fabric bags show case

Company Advantages

non woven bag material factory
non woven bag factory warehouse

Panda Bambu has been partnering with different businesses and institutions for years. We always put your satisfaction and demands as the main objective and purpose of our business. We offer you our non woven fabric bags with a balanced rate of price and quality. Along with the following six qualities of our company, we can assure you the best service to cater to your business needs.

  • Customized Bags  – We offer customizations to meet your unique requirements. Tell us what your business needs and we’ll be guiding you through designing the perfect bag for you.
  • Outstanding Customer Support  – We take our clients’ queries and reports seriously. We strive to be present at all times and have our lines open for other potential clients.
  • Certified Products  – Our non woven bags are SEDEX and BSCI certified to guarantee our processes remain ethical and globally approved.
  • Free Samples & Design  – We provide pre-production copies or prototypes to our customers to ensure their demands are 100% satisfied
  • Lower MOQ  – We strive to also cater to small and startup businesses by providing the lowest MOQ available in the market.
  • Fast Lead Time  – We give you faster processing times in order for your business to meet its own deadlines.

Our Detail Processing

non woven fabric bags Processing technology-2
  • Stitching  – Different stitches differ in strength. Our team will ask you the expected weight to be carried by your bags and will modify the stitch accordingly.
  • Lining  – Linings are added as extra layers to increase resistance to tearing. We offer good linings that can help your bag retain its shape and stay upright.
  • Edges – Bag edges are the first to be destroyed due to wear and tear. Our team ensures that the stitching and design of these parts are in line with the intended use and load of your non woven bags. 
non woven fabric bags Processing technology-1
  • Handles and Straps  – These are one of the important parts of a bag. We reinforce the handles of the bag. And your customer can carry the bag with its contents. 
  • Weight  – Thicker fabric for the bag means greater strength but also higher cost. We can optimize according to your business needs.
  • Hardware  – This refers to the metal additions to the bag. You can ask these to be added either for aesthetics or for other useful purposes.
  • Material: Nonwoven
  • Size: Custom-made size or standard factory sizes
  • Style: custom-made patterns and styles
  • Metal additions: Available upon client request
  • Printing: Stamping, Screen Printing, Flexo Printing, Embossing, Rotogravure printing
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • Delivery Time: According to order quantity

Data Sheet

  • We own a chain of electronics stores in Germany. We’ve been importing our store’s bags from Panda Bambu and we are impressed with the quality. They are a really reliable non woven bags supplier!

  • Great style with bright prints. Used them as welcome bags for my wedding and filled them with everything from treats to souvenir sets. Love that our request for a cardboard sleeve addition was fulfilled.

  • Superb well made bags. We use these to give away samples of our products. It’s the second time we’ve ordered. Highly recommend it!

How many bags can I order?

Generally, we can make a maximum of 8 million pieces per month for a sole customer depending on design complexity and features of the ordered bags.

What is the exact thickness of your non woven bags?

Thickness depends on your design preferences and intended use. But our bags normally range about 60-100 GSM in thickness. Requests for an additional thickness will require an extra charge to order price.

Can I get a sample of the bag before mass production?

Yes you can. We check with our customers and let them approve the design and structure of the sample to guarantee that there will be no issues post-production. Please contact our Panda Bambu customer representative and request the sample bag that you require.

Your Reliable Non Woven Bags Supplier

If you are seeking a non woven bags manufacturer and supplier, you have come to the right place. Panda Bambu is a Chinese industry expert in non-woven bags manufacturing, printing, and exporting. No matter what kinds of non-woven bags you need, you can always find the right one from Panda Bambu. Our standard non-woven bags include: handle bag, die-cut bag, vest bag, ultrasonic bag, flour bag, and so on. You can purchase our nonwoven bags and used for shopping, promotion, gift, and so on.

As a responsible non woven bags manufacturer and supplier,

Panda Bambu always tries our best to supply you with the best bags.

And looking forward to having a long time business cooperation with you.

So, we use high-quality compostable non-woven fabrics and environmental ink to manufacture the bags only.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 1

Furthermore, our non-woven fabrics have no wrinkles,

and the difference in vertical and horizontal tension is small.

And the fabrics feel slightly hard.

It will make the bags easy to stand up and highlight the overall feel of the eco-friendly bag.

If you need custom printing on the non woven bags,

we will use the fabrics which surface has gloss.

It will be easy to print your artwork and make your artwork more bright-colored.

Above all are the basis for manufacturing a perfect bag.

And that’s why Panda Bambu stands out among so many nonwoven bag suppliers.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 2

To make sure all non woven bags you purchased from us are strong,

we use ‘X’ heat stitch manufacturing technique to seal the handles.

That gives you a strong handle.

Regarding the weight of the nonwoven fabric,

different weight has a different price.

Our common weight is 30g/m², 40g/m², 50g/m², 60g/m², 70g/m², 80g/m².

With our many years of nonwoven bag manufacturing experience,

I have to say It is not the heavier weight, the better quality.

According to your usage, a fit weight is the best.

You know first cooperation may need to running-in.

Therefore, your reliable non woven bags supplier – Panda Bambu supply small MOQ start from 1000 pieces only.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 3

Future, if you have a large order quantity.

We can count a more competitive price for you.

Panda Bambu aspires to be your best non woven bags manufacturer and supplier in China.

Just send us your detailed requirements.

And you will get a quotation in 24 hours.

How about your quality standard?

Panda Bambu is a BSCI and SEDEX certified company. Our AZO-free materials are tested and inspected regularly for quality and safety assurance of customers. We hope to partner with more clients in expanding their businesses and solving their packaging needs.

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