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If you are seeking a non woven bags manufacturer and supplier, you have come to the right place. Panda Bambu is a Chinese industry expert in non-woven bags manufacturing, printing, and exporting. No matter what kinds of non-woven bags you need, you can always find the right one from Panda Bambu. Our standard non-woven bags include: handle bag, die-cut bag, vest bag, ultrasonic bag, flour bag, and so on. You can purchase our nonwoven bags and used for shopping, promotion, gift, and so on.

d cut non woven bags manufacturer

Our Die-cut non woven bags can be reusable. Punch holes in the opening of a nonwoven bag for easy carrying. That can save our manufacturing cost and lower your promotion costs.

Vertical non woven bags manufacturer

These vertical nonwoven bags are manufactured from high-quality fabric. It has good tensile strength and hard to tear off. To meet your customers’ different preferences, dozens of colors can be chosen.

Horizontal non woven bags manufacturer

Panda Bambu can manufacture horizontal non woven bags for you also. Because of the large opening, these bags can be used for supermarket promotions or gift packing.

T type non woven bags manufacturer

Our T-type non woven bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. China Canton Fair and some promotions company prefer this type non woven bag. It has a very strong loading capacity.

non woven t shirt bag manufacturer

With the decommissioning of plastic bags, our non woven T-shirt bag manufacturing is getting busy. Fill in fruits and vegetables, It’s the best degradable bag to replace the plastic bag.

standing tote non woven bags manufacturer

Our standing tote non woven bags is a 3D version of Die-cut bags. It has increased the loading capacity. It’s easy to stand up for loading. MOQ start from 1000 pieces only.

splicing non woven bags supplier

These splicing non woven bags are manufactured from two pieces of different color fabric. It’s looking more fashionable than other bags. That is perfect to load clothes, shoes or cosmetics.

reinforced non woven bags manufacturer

We have added two pieces of woven belts to reinforced our nonwoven bags. Our stitches of the bag are tight and strong. Compared with other bags, our bags have a better bearing capacity.

non woven foldable bags manufacturer

To manufacture quality non-woven foldable bags, Panda Bambu adds a snap-fastener on the bag. When your customers don’t use it, our bag can be folded. Your customers will go for this bag.

non woven drawstring bags manufacturer

Our non woven drawstring bags are popularly used for gift packing, sundries storing, or dust-proof. The size and color of our bags can be custom according to your needs.

Why Global Importers Work with Us

Small MOQ
We tired our best to lower MOQ to 1000 ~ 5000pcs to support you.
Competitive Price
Our mature supply chain has lowered the cost. That can leave you a good price.
Custom Service
Custom according your company requires size, packing and printing.
Free Sample
We can arrange free samples to your company if you are a sincerity buyer.
Short Deliver Time
For normal products, the fastest deliver time of 20’GP need 15 days only.
Top Grade Quality
All products are according SGS or CE standard. That is safe and health.

Your Reliable Non Woven Bags Supplier

As a responsible non woven bags manufacturer and supplier,

Panda Bambu always tries our best to supply you with the best bags.

And looking forward to having a long time business cooperation with you.

So, we use high-quality compostable non-woven fabrics and environmental ink to manufacture the bags only.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 1

Furthermore, our non-woven fabrics have no wrinkles,

and the difference in vertical and horizontal tension is small.

And the fabrics feel slightly hard.

It will make the bags easy to stand up and highlight the overall feel of the eco-friendly bag.

If you need custom printing on the non woven bags,

we will use the fabrics which surface has gloss.

It will be easy to print your artwork and make your artwork more bright-colored.

Above all are the basis for manufacturing a perfect bag.

And that’s why Panda Bambu stands out among so many nonwoven bag suppliers.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 2

To make sure all non woven bags you purchased from us are strong,

we use ‘X’ heat stitch manufacturing technique to seal the handles.

That gives you a strong handle.

Regarding the weight of the nonwoven fabric,

different weight has a different price.

Our common weight is 30g/m², 40g/m², 50g/m², 60g/m², 70g/m², 80g/m².

With our many years of nonwoven bag manufacturing experience,

I have to say It is not the heavier weight, the better quality.

According to your usage, a fit weight is the best.

You know first cooperation may need to running-in.

Therefore, your reliable non woven bags supplier – Panda Bambu supply small MOQ start from 1000 pieces only.

Non Woven Bags Manufacturer and Supplier - 3

Future, if you have a large order quantity.

We can count a more competitive price for you.

Panda Bambu aspires to be your best non woven bags manufacturer and supplier in China.

Just send us your detailed requirements.

And you will get a quotation in 24 hours.

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