How important the quality bamboo skewer is for a kebab machine

They say that a kingdom is lost because of a nail.

I have been a mute witness to it; as my sister suffered from one such case of a mountain erupting out of a molehill.

Let’s get into details.

My sister runs a competent meat skewer factory.

She has 5 efficient production lines to cater to enough products that finally make their way to supermarkets and chain restaurants.

Her products have credibility about them and are suitably lapped up by consumers.

While she takes every care to utilize the best resources for her factory; she had to once make a stop-gap arrangement.

She couldn’t avail the graded bamboo skewer from her chosen company and had to make do with alternatives.

Incidentally, I was present on the day she did that.

The moment she inserted these machine skewers into her processing machine, I could feel there was something amiss; even though I am not from the industry.

My apprehensions came right as the skewers began to crumble under the heavy pressure exerted on them.

While some bamboo skewers managed to do what they were meant to; most disintegrated and actually retreated into the rills they were inserted into.

Since the processing was largely automatic, my sister and her men were not paying immediate attention and returned to the machine only after a stuttering noise met them.

The machine ground to a halt and we could see several smashed skewers and bits and pieces of meat thrown here and there.

John, her main man, took off the plug and tried to make a temporary repair but he was largely at sea.

The expensive machine had lost its grit and she was staring at two disappointments on the face:

1. Loss of her machine (the repair would be costly)
2. Loss of the products and eventually the loss of face in front of clients

Ironically, it was all brought about by her cavalier decision to use sub-par machine skewers.

This story affirms one fact.

If you are in the meat factory business, you cannot afford to use below average bamboo round skewers.

You don’t fathom their importance when everything is good and working;

but if you take a chance, you may one day encounter the same problem my sister faced.

You should ideally utilize meat skewers made out of Mao bamboo, considered one of the best bamboo species.

When you get them from graded companies in laser carton packaging, you are assured of their smoothness, innate strength, longevity; uniformity of size ect.

The eventual consumer will feel no burr at the time of eating and will find the bamboo skewer quite adaptable.

With an efficacious machine and effective meat skewers, you will be able to deliver the packaged products in time to hit the shelves at supermarkets.

The eventual skewered meat furnished by meat factories looks so definitive and delicious at first glance, that there is a ready market of consumers for them.

It is your responsibility not to make the experience bitter for them. Think ahead and use the best quality machine bamboo skewer.

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