• disposable wooden spoons wholesale
  • disposable wooden spoons wholesale
  • disposable wooden spoons wholesale

Disposable Wooden Spoons Wholesale

  • Natural birch wood material 100% biodegradable
  • Small MOQ from 0.5 million pieces only
  • Competitive price and fast delivery time
  • Custom size and packing according your requirements
  • Hot stamp laser logo on the spoon’s handle is workable
  • Manufactured according to SGS-PCP regulations, food grade

Wholesale Disposable Wooden Spoons from China

Panda Bambu wholesales quality disposable wooden spoons from China. These disposable spoons are manufactured from natural birch wood material. Its one-off use and 100% biodegradable. To compare with the bamboo spoons, our wooden spoons has a competitive price and fast delivery time. With the development of the European plastic ban, our disposable wooden spoons sales hot in the catering disposables wholesale market. The customer we serve includes wholesalers and distributors.

MaterialBirch wood
Length110mm, 140mm, 160mm and more
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the spoons’ handle
Quality gradeA, B
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn
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Your Premier Disposable Wooden Spoons Manufacturer

As a professional disposable wooden spoons manufacturer and supplier, Panda Bambu will always supply your company with quality spoons.

All of our wooden spoons have been carefully polished to a good smooth surface with no burr and spots.

They will leave a good brand image for your clients.

All disposable wooden spoons wholesaled by Panda Bambu are manufactured according to SGS-PCP regulations.

Disposable Wooden Spoons Wholesale 4

Each spoon has been high temperature steamed, fumigated, and sterilized.

This to assure you that our disposable spoons can contact with food directly.

To support your disposable wooden spoons wholesale business, Panda Bambu supplies small MOQ from 0.5 million pieces only.

We can custom the spoons’ size and pack according to your needs.

Our wooden spoons’ general length includes 110mm, 140mm, 160mm, and 165mm, and so on.

Spoons’ packing can be in bulk or a custom plastic bag, paper box.

Your company logo can be printed on the inner bag and box.

Disposable Wooden Spoons Wholesale 5

If you want to promote your company, we can manufacture a hot stamp laser logo on the spoons’ handle also.

You don’t need to worry about these spoons being shallow than normal plastic spoons as they are not.

Besides, Panda Bambu, as your chosen supplier, will ensure to meet all of your issues regarding our disposable wooden spoons.

To meet your needs, Panda Bambu will develop and improve the disposable wooden spoons in depth.

We have successfully manufactured spoons that are deeper than normal.

We trust that your clients like them.

We also believe that working with us, your disposable wooden spoons wholesale business will be more prosperous.

Disposable Wooden Spoons Wholesale 6

If you want to import these disposable wooden spoons to expand your wholesale business or replace the plastic spoons, you can contact Panda Bambu.

Our company has rich experience in the disposable wooden spoons and disposable wooden cutlery wholesale industry.

We can give your company the best solutions.

Send us an inquiry now.

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