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CPLA Cutlery Manufacturer

  • 100% biodegradable CPLA material
  • Custom size and packing for your company
  • Food grade quality, safe and health
  • Manufacturing according to SGS-PCP regulations.
  • Small MOQ from 50 cartons only
  • Rich experience can give you the best suggestion

Your Best CPLA Cutlery Manufacturer in China

Are you seeking a CPLA cutlery manufacturer or supplier? You have come to the right place. Panda Bambu has been in the degradable PLA and CPLA cutlery industry for years. Because more and more countries stopped using disposable plastic cutlery, our CPLA cutlery, PLA cutlery, bamboo cutlery, and wooden cutlery sales hot. With consistently high quality and competitive prices, our disposable CPLA cutlery has been highly recognized by American and European markets.

MaterialCPLA (70% ~ 80% PLA and 20% ~ 30% bio-additive)
Specificationknife 170mm, fork 170mm, spoon 167mm


Features100% compostable
Packing100pcs x 10bags/ctn.
MOQ50 cartons/item
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Your Premier CPLA Cutlery Supplier

Panda Bambu’s CPLA material is manufactured from 70% ~ 80% PLA (poly lactic acid) and 20% ~ 30% bio-additive.

Our PLA is manufactured from fermented corn starch, sugar cane starch, or sugar beet.

And our CPLA is a crystallization of PLA that is a new bioplastic.

So, this disposable CPLA cutlery is 100% degradable.

You have no needs to worry about environmental issues if purchase this CPLA cutlery from us.

CPLA Cutlery supplier in China

Some clients didn’t import the disposable CPLA cutlery before.

And worry the final user would like it or not?

In fact, our CPLA cutlery has similar characteristics to traditional petroleum-based plastics (PS, PP, and PET).

Different from the PLA cutlery, our CPLA cutlery and related products can withstand high temperatures up to 85°C without deformation.

It will not affect the end-user experience.

Our company’s CPLA cutlery includes a knife, fork, and spoon.

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To meet your different market requirements, we can custom size, color, and packing for you.
The cutlery color can be made in white, red, black, and so on.

And cutlery can be individual paper packed and set packed.

Your company logo can be printed on the bag. If you need, we can add tissue in the cutlery paper bag.

With rich experience in CPLA cutlery manufacturing, we can make sure all knives, forks, and spoons are smooth and without any rough.

CPLA Cutlery supplier in China-1

If you have a huge order quantity, we can letterpress print your company logo on the handle of the cutlery.

Panda Bambu has been in the disposable CPLA cutlery manufacture industry for years.

Just email us your detailed requirements, and we will try our best to meet your needs.

If you confirmed the knife, fork, and spoon you need, free CPLA cutlery samples can be supplied.

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