• corn dog sticks supplier
  • corn dog sticks supplier
  • corn dog sticks supplier

Corn Dog Sticks Supplier

  • Natural bamboo and birch wood material can be chosen
  • Food grade quality that is safe for your clients
  • Top quality sticks with good hardness and toughness
  • Customized size and packing with your brand printing
  • Smooth surface that has no burr and won’t go moldy
  • Supply both sharp point and blunt point for you

Your Premier Corn Dog Sticks Supplier in China

Panda Bambu is a professional corn dog sticks supplier in China. All of our disposable corn dog sticks are made from natural bamboo or birch wood. It’s 100% biodegradable and safe for disposal. As a responsible corn dog sticks supplier, Panda Bambu strictly controls all corn dog sticks manufacturing. They all adhere to SGS-PCP regulations. Both bamboo and birch wood material has been high temperature sterilized. And that can kill all harmful bacteria. To meet your different requirements, we can manufacture more related skewers for you.

MaterialNatural bamboo or birch wood
Specification4.0x120mm, 5.0x120mm. Custom size is available.
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the skewers’ end
Sharp PointWhole sharp point and blunt point
Packing500pcs x 40boxes/ctn

We can print your company logo on the inner box.

MOQ50 cartons/item
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Corn Dog Sticks Wholesale from China

Because of all-natural material, our corn dog sticks won’t release any harmful substances or smell even put in a fryer.

So, you do not need to worry whether these sticks can contact with food directly.

With a good reputation, Panda Bambu is a well-known supplier in the disposable restaurant and catering supplies industry.

Our corn dog sticks have been wholesaled to many catering supplies importers and corn dog, hot dog manufacturers.

To compare with other corn dog sticks suppliers in the market.

Panda Bambu has more rich experience for the disposable corn dog sticks.

super Corn Dog Sticks

With meticulous good polishing, our bamboo and wooden corn dog sticks have a perfectly smooth surface that has no burr.

And Panda Bambu chooses the only best material that can make sure all of our corn sticks have excellent hardness and roundness.

Corn dog sticks break during producing won’t happen in our company.

Professional disposable corn dog sticks supplier always pays more attention to security issues.

To solve this issue, Panda Bambu can supply blunt, sharp point corn dog sticks to you.

With a safe blunt sharp point, Children won’t be injured by the sticks when eating.

Blunt Corn Dog Sticks

If your clients will use these sticks to producing children’s food, our bamboo, and wooden blunt, sharp point sticks are your best choice.

To supply your longer quality guarantee period and give you a long time to stock our corn dog sticks in your warehouse,

Panda Bambu thoroughly dries all sticks and controls the moisture under 10%.

skewer sticks moisture

This can make sure each corn dog stick has good toughness and won’t go moldy.

To support your wholesale business, Professional corn dog sticks supplier- Panda Bambu can supply custom service for you.

Sticks size and packing can be customized according to your needs.

And your beautiful logo can be printed on the bag.

These high-quality corn dog sticks have good hardness.

If you are in the catering supplies industry and sourcing for a reliable corn dog sticks manufacturer.

Email Panda Bambu now,

We will always be your premier corn dog sticks supplier in China.

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