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Professional coffee stirrers manufacturer.
Both flat and rounded stirrers can be supplied.

Your Premier Coffee Stirrer Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a professional disposable coffee stirrer manufacturer and supplier in China. All of our coffee stirrers are manufactured from high-quality birch wood, bamboo, PLA or plastic material. Most of them are biodegradable and compostable. With FSC and SGS-PCP regulations, our coffee stirrer is safe and healthy, and it sells hot in the world.

wooden stirrers wholesale

Panda Bambu has in the wooden stirrers’ wholesale and export business for years. Our custom wooden stir sticks are food grade quality. That can be packed in a printed plastic bag and paper box.

Bamboo Stirrers Manufacturer

Our disposable bamboo stirrers can be manufactured in round or flat head. Compared with the wooden stirrers, our bamboo stirrers have a better hardness. And it’s renewable and degradable.

Why Global Importers Work with Us

Small MOQ
We tired our best to lower the MOQ to 30~50 cartons to support you.
Competitive Price
Our mature supply chain has lowered the cost. That can leave you a good price.
Custom Service
Custom according your company requires size, packing and printing.
Free Sample
We can arrange free samples to your company if you are a sincerity buyer.
Short Deliver Time
For normal products, the fastest deliver time of 20’GP need 15 days only.
Top Grade Quality
All products are according SGS-PCP or CE standard. That is safe and health.

Need Help?

We have consultants in restaurants disposables available
to answer your question.

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Your Best Coffee Stirrer Supplier

Our clients include disposable food service supplies wholesalers, distributors, and brand owners.

We also serve well-known chain cafes.

Panda Bambu company has been in the coffee stirrer manufacturing and exporting industry for years.

With an advanced manufacturing process, all coffee stirrer supplied by Panda Bambu has no burr or roughness.

If your clients have high requirements or you wholesale to high-end markets, Panda Bambu can polish the edge of each coffee stirrer sticks.

And then, each coffee stirrer will have a perfect curved edge.

Coffee Stirrer Manufacturers 2

You can try to imagine the iPhone 7 edge compare with the iPhone 4 edge. Then it’s clear for you.

Panda Bambu can manufacture and supply your company with many different types of coffee stirrers.

The most common is a long strip coffee stirrer.

We can also supply coffee sticks with round heads or spoons.

All this is possible because we manufacture our stirrers from natural wooden, bamboo, and quality virgin polypropylene material.

Panda Bambu’s coffee stirrer has no bad smell even when your clients are using them in hot drinks.

For the bamboo coffee stirrer and wooden coffee stirrer, Panda Bambu strictly controls the stirrer’s moisture during manufacturing.

This can ensure each coffee mixing stick has a fit toughness and won’t go moldy.

Coffee Stirrer Manufacturers 3

In order to support your wholesale or distribution business, Panda Bambu can custom the coffee stirrer according to your requirements such as the stick size, packing, and printing.

In addition to this, Panda Bambu coffee stirrers can be individually paper wrapped and logo print on the paper bags.

By the way, if you need a laser logo, Panda Bambu can print a laser logo on the coffee stirrer sticks to improve your brand image.

You can have a one-stop purchase from Panda Bambu for the wooden coffee stirrers, bamboo coffee stirrers, and plastic coffee stirrers.

As a reliable coffee stirrer manufacturer and supplier in China. Panda Bambu has rich experience with disposable stir sticks.

Panda Bambu can recommend several types of coffee stirrers according to your market if you don’t know how to choose them.

Coffee Stirrer Manufacturers 4

If you are sourcing a reliable coffee stirrer manufacture and supplier, Panda Bambu will be your best choice.

With various nice packing, dozens of food grade coffee stirrers, and small MOQ,

Panda Bambu will be the most reliable supplier and supporter of your business.

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