Biodegradable Straws Wholesale
Quality biodegradable paper and bamboo straws from China.
Food grade quality with custom size and packing.

Wholesale Biodegradable Straws from China

Panda Bambu focuses on biodegradable straws wholesale and exporting for years. Our eco compostable straws include paper straws, bamboo straws, PLA straws, and wheat straws. With good reliable quality and commercial reputation, our biodegradable and compostable straws sales hot in the U.S and Europe. Big foodservice disposables wholesalers and brand owners are the most clients we serve. Usually, we send the straw in the bulk pack by containers to our clients. We can accept LCL orders, but can’t accept retail orders.

Paper straws

As a professional biodegradable paper straws manufacturer, we can supply you with over two hundred different designs. You can choose according to your market preference. Custom size and printing are available.

bamboo straws

Our company has in the biodegradable bamboo straws wholesale business for years. We supply paper box, plastic bag, cloth bag and more inner packing type for your company


Panda Bambu wholesale assorted fruit straws from China. Other related disposable party food picks can be supplied also. We can custom size and packing for your company.

Biodegradable Paper Straws with Frills

Wholesale food-grade biodegradable paper straws with frills from China. Custom size, packing, and printing for your company. For more related party supplies, please contact us to ask details.

Biodegradable PLA Straws Wholesale

Our company wholesale and export compostable PLA straws for years. Our PLA straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly. According to your customers’ requirements, we can custom these PLA straws for you.

compostable wheat straw wholesale

Panda Bambu wholesale eco wheat straws from China. These wheat straws are manufactured from 100% natural wheat stalk. It’s compostable and biodegradable.

Why Global Importers Work with Us

Small MOQ
We tired our best to lower the MOQ to 30~50 cartons to support you.
Competitive Price
Our mature supply chain has lowered the cost. That can leave you a good price.
Custom Service
Custom according your company requires size, packing and printing.
Free Sample
We can arrange free samples to your company if you are a sincerity buyer.
Short Deliver Time
For normal products, the fastest deliver time of 20’GP need 15 days only.
Top Grade Quality
All products are according SGS-PCP or CE standard. That is safe and health.

Need Help?

We have consultants in restaurants disposables available

to answer your question.

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Compostable Drinking Straws Wholesale

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers chose biodegradable drinking straws.

Our straws are made of natural bamboo, wheat, or Kraft paper material. That’s 100% biodegradable and compostable.

You can import the right material biodegradable straws according to your company’s target market.

This drinking straws product line will grow your wholesale business.

Just concentrate on expanding your biodegradable straws wholesale business.

Wholesale Biodegradable Straws 3

Panda Bambu can make sure each straw we manufacture is food grade, safe and healthy.

For wheat and bamboo straws, we chose organic material.

They are all handmade and without any chemicals.

For the paper straws manufacturing, we use FDA standard Kraft paper and food-grade glue.

In order to supply you with high-quality biodegradable straws, we fumigate and sterilize all our straws.

Your client will love our food-grade biodegradable straws.

To support your biodegradable straws wholesale business, Panda Bambu can supply custom services for your company.

Length, diameter, and packing are among the things that we can customize.

The laser logo is available for bamboo straws; colorful printed is workable for paper straws.

Regarding the compostable straws’ packing, bulk packing 100 pieces per bag is popular in the market.

And we can custom individual paper packed, colorful head card plastic bag, and white paper boxes for your company- all according to your needs.

If you just start to import and wholesale biodegradable straws, Panda Bambu can supply you small MOQ in 50 cartons.

Wholesale Biodegradable Straws 2

And it can be negotiated according to your exact needs. In addition to this, Panda Bambu accepts flexible payment methods with your company.

T/T, L/C is for normal clients.

D/P, Sale on Credit is available for our old and big wholesale clients.

If you are looking for a reliable biodegradable straws manufacturer and supplier to support your wholesale business, Panda Bambu will be your best choice.

With rich experience in biodegradable straws manufacturing and exporting.

And we can supply all bamboo straws, wheat straws, PLA straws, and Kraft paper biodegradable straws with one-stop purchasing.

Time is money! Send an inquiry to us now.

You will get the most professional advice on the compo-stable straws that can save you lots of time.

And you will have more energy to expand your biodegradable straws wholesale business.

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