Enjoy Bamboo Tornado Potato Skewer

We hardly take notice of water; since it is around us.

Ask a person marooned in a desert and he will tell you the real value of water.

What we can easily acquire becomes so common that we fail to view the class it may exude.

Potatoes fall into that same category; globally available and universally eaten.

The point of interest is the magic that can be created out of this pod.

I found its surfacing magic when I visited the Royal Hobart Show and perchance bought the Tornado spuds.

The spiral potato spuds were riddled with bamboo potato tornado skewers and looked different.

There was that necessary dash of sprinkling and seasons; along with an inherent mix of salt and pepper.

Ps: Soaked bamboo skewer would be better for tornado skewers. Guide you step by step how to soak bamboo skewers.

The stall had it in various aspirations; cheese and garlic, salt and vinegar; Mexican et al.

The aspect gave an illusion of corn cobs or maize. What also struck was the protruding bamboo tornado potato skewer.

The skewers were just big enough to hold a satisfactory glut of spuds and an ornate space to hold the entity; nothing more or less.

I ventured to see that all skewers were of delightfully similar shape and compaction.

When I had my first spuds, which incidentally contain zinc, magnesium; niacin and loads of vitamins, I felt that the bite was absolutely unhampered by the potato skewers.

They were natural and unassuming; smooth and adaptable to the tongue.

It also seemed that they had a life and could understand the experience that the eater desired for.

I have this fascination for the cheese spuds; with just the ideal foil of potato and cheese.

Now, cheese is something that tends to stick from the sticks;

but I was astonished to find that these bamboo potato skewers were so plain in the exterior that nothing happened of the sort.

The finish seemed machine-oriented and I am sure the purchase was made in laser packed cartons.

This company surely knows its job and offers significant value addition to the ultimate product without coming to the limelight. This is the sign of greatness.

Now I know that every season, the spuds will change its texture and get into new folds and tastes.

The experiments will keep going and the samples will be up for grabs to enjoy the fare at home as well as parties.

This is such a delightful snack and so conversant with the staple requirement that it has a natural call.

I assume that makes the responsibility of potato skewers a lot bigger.

The bamboo tornado potato skewer lends itself brilliantly to grilling and asks only for small adjustments. You may leave it soaked or dry and may use different garnishes. Potato is in itself so fulfilling that it hardly needs a companion. It melts so easily with the system that potato works fine whether it is lunch, evening snacks or dinner. And grilled nugget potatoes is a good idea also.

So, my advice to you – Go to the Falls Festival celebrations or other such events; have your fill of the spuds graded by potato skewers and have an enjoyable time

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