Bamboo Toothpicks

  • Natural bamboo material, 100% biodegradable
  • Food grade, can be used to pick up food
  • Individual paper wrapped and plastic cello wrapped
  • All toothpicks have been a polished good smooth surface
  • Toothpicks won’t deteriorate even you stock one year.
  • Top quality bamboo toothpicks with competitive price

Your Best Bamboo Toothpicks Supplier

Panda Bambu is a professional bamboo toothpicks supplier and manufacturer in China since 2012. Our clients range from disposable restaurant supplies wholesalers to catering disposables brand owners. Usually, they import our bamboo toothpicks and wholesale them to the disposable products distributors, chain supermarkets, or retail online.

When we talk about disposable toothpicks, we always think about the ecological destruction or the disappearance of the forest. However, Panda Bambu supplies bamboo toothpicks that are manufactured from natural bamboo material. It’s 100% biodegradable and reproducible. So, you do not need to worry about the environmental issue.

MaterialNatural bamboo
Specification2.0 x 65mm
Sharp pointSingle sharp point or double sharp point
PackingIndividual paper or cello, paper box, plastic bottle.

All according to your needs.

MOQ50 cartons only.

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Your Leading Bamboo Toothpicks Manufacturer

If you are looking for a supplier or manufacturer for top quality bamboo toothpicks, Panda Bambu is the rightest toothpicks supplier for you. All of our bamboo toothpicks are manufactured according to food grade standards.

Your customers can use our bamboo toothpicks to clean teeth or pick up fruit and foods. And to deliver the bamboo toothpicks containers to you on time. Panda Bambu has established excellent relationships with our bamboo toothpicks material suppliers that can supply us material on schedule.

Panda Bambu is a professional supplier and manufacturer with rich experience in the bamboo toothpicks industry. We can manufacture bamboo toothpicks in various types to meet your needs. Both double sharp point and single sharp point bamboo toothpicks can be supplied. And the packing can be customized according to your need. Plastic bottles, the colorful paper box is the hottest packing style.

We can print your logo on a paper sticker and then stick on the plastic bottle. Or print on the toothpick paper box directly. By the way, we supply individual paper wrapped, and plastic cello wrapped bamboo toothpicks. And, we can wholesale the bamboo toothpick in bulk also.

Compared with other bamboo toothpicks suppliers in the market, all bamboo toothpicks supplied by Panda Bambu have been smooth polished. There are no burrs or spots on the toothpicks.

To avoid the bamboo toothpick going moldy, Panda Bambu dries each toothpick and control the moisture under 10% during manufacturing. Our bamboo toothpick will not deteriorate even you stock in your warehouse for one year.

As a reliable bamboo toothpicks supplier and manufacturer, our company always supplies consistent quality bamboo toothpicks with competitive price. You will get loyal customers and excellent business reputation if you work with Panda Bambu.

And we will be your most honest bamboo toothpicks supplier which will try our best to support your wholesale business!

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