Bamboo Straws Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a leading bamboo straws supplier in China. Our company manufactures quality bamboo straws and related eco friendly products.

  • SGS certified, food grade quality
  • Customize size as your requirements
  • Laser Logo Engraving is workable
  • Smooth surface and inner walls

Panda Bambu - Custom Fiber Straws for You

Bamboo straw is a natural drinking straw made from bamboo fiber material. It’s manufactured from natural bamboo stalks or drilled bamboo rods. Processed by grinding and polishing, the bamboo straws have a good smooth surface. That are perfect biodegradable straws for drinking.

Usually, the bamboo straw’s inner diameter is 4.0mm to 10mm. And the length is 10cm to 25cm. It’s reusable and customizable. According to the different diameters, bamboo straws can be used to drink milkshakes, coffee, bubble tea, cocktail, juice, smoothie, boba, and so on.

Panda Bambu has rich experience for bamboo straw manufacturing. Our bamboo straws are manufactured strictly according to LFGB and SGS-PCP regulations. It’s safe and healthy for humans. To satisfy your multiple choices, We can custom the bamboo straw’s diameter and length as your requirements. If you have no idea, we can give suggestions against your drinks.

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Our Natural Straws Series

As a professional bamboo straws factory, we can produce many kinds of straws for your business. They have different appearances. But all of them are 100% organic and natural. If you purchase large quantities, the wholesale price is available.

  • Unpeeled Bamboo Straws
    Our unpeeled bamboo straws have a natural yellow and green bamboo color. The surface doesn’t have any additional processing, it will have slight color differences and blemishes. That is unavoidable.
  • Peeled Bamboo Straws
    Our peeled bamboo straws are uniform in color. As your requirements, it can be natural white color or carbonized color. And we can manufacture sharped bamboo straws. Use our bamboo straws, your clients will pierce the drink’s plastic sealing easily
  • green Bamboo Straws

    These bamboo straws have natural green color. They are the most popular straws on the market. We can manufacture the size as your needs. Or you can choose our standard size.

  • yellow Bamboo Straws

    After being air-cured, the green bamboo straws will be going to bright golden yellow color. This is a natural oxidation process. This natural yellow color is very stable and won’t fade.

  • white Bamboo Straws

    Our white bamboo straws are manufactured from bamboo stalks. White is the natural color after removing the bamboo skin.

  • brown carbonized Bamboo Straws

    To supply you with quality carbonized bamboo straws. Panda Bambu strictly controls the manufacturing environment. Make sure no water, no oxygen, high temperature, high pressure, etc.

Select By Different Sharp Head

  • Flat Headed Bamboo Straws

    Our flat head bamboo straws are the most popular in the wholesale market. With a smooth incision and quality straw body, you have no needs to worry it will hurt your final customer.

  • Sharpened Bamboo Straws

    If you want to find biodegradable straws that are used for sealed drinks, these sharpened bamboo straws manufactured by Panda Bambu will be your best choice. It has good hardness, which is easy to pierce the seal of the drinks.

Professional Bamboo Straws Manufacturer in China

Food Grade

Our bamboo straws are manufactured from natural materials. All manual processing, no chemical additions. It’s safe and health for all food and human.


Our bamboo straws are sourced from deep mountains of bamboo forests. Handmade by Chinese artisans. Natural and organic, pollution-free.


Use our cleaning brush to clean your bamboo straws. It will be easy to clean, and won’t go mold or rot. You can reuse the straws over two years.

100% Biodegradable

Because of the bamboo material, our straws are compostable. Get our biodegradable bamboo straws to start your zero-waste life.

Best Alternatives to Plastic Straws

For many years in the past, Plastic has posed a huge threat to the ecological environment and biological survival. Among them, plastic straws are an important part. You know plastic straws are single-use. But they will take up to 500 years to degrade.

Bamboo grows over 1m in 24 hours. It grows fast and is 100% biodegradable and compostable. That’s the best material for the mass production of straws. Our bamboo straws are reusable.

Compared with glass and stainless straws, it has better hardness and toughness. That’s why bamboo straws are the best alternatives to plastic straws.

Protecting our planet is everyone’s responsibility. Get our bamboo straws and stop the plastic!

Best Alternatives to Plastic Straws
Custom Your Bamboo Straws

Custom Your Bamboo Straws

As a professional bamboo straws manufacturer, Panda Bambu can personalize the bamboo straws and pack them as your need. And we can supply abundant accessories to choose from. Include cleaning brushes, bamboo cutlery, and so on. All of them are customizable.

Our company has worked with many restaurants, takeaway services, supermarkets, hotels, juice bars, and so on. We’d like to personalize the eco-friendly bamboo straws for your corporate.

  • Custom Size. We can customize the bamboo straw’s length and diameter for you. If you have a large quantity, we can pack the drinking straws according to your needs.
  • Custom Laser Logo. Your company or brand logo can be laser engraved on the bamboo straws. If you hope to custom an eco-friendly souvenir for your corporate, that’s a good choice.
  • Custom Packing. As your requirements, we can pack the bamboo straws in a paper box or cloth bag. Your company logo can be printed on the package.

Your Best Bamboo Straws Manufacturer in China

Bamboo Straws Manufacturer in China-2
Bamboo Straws Manufacturer in China

Panda Bambu is a Chinese socially responsible company. Our company manufacturing and exporting environmental bamboo straws for over 8 years. We always commit ourselves to promoting degradable bamboo products to reduce the use of plastic.

Our company cooperates with many ecological bamboo forest farms in China. We do not use any pesticides and fertilizers during the growth and processing of bamboo. That’s to protect the environment, as a renewable resource, bamboo is an economic crop encouraged by the Chinese government. The development of our bamboo straw industry not only responds to the call of the world for environmental protection but also drives the employment and income of local farmers.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a Natural Renewable Material
  • Grow Fast. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow 4cm per hour. No need the pesticides and fertilizers to grow. Depending on the variety, bamboo can be harvested within 1 to 5 years.
  • No Replanting. Bamboo is a plant reproduces by roots. That means after we felled the bamboo, new bamboo will grow out fast from the soil. No need to replant it. That ensures we have a constant supply of raw materials.
  • 100 % Biodegradable. Our bamboo straws are not bamboo powder extrusion molding. They are manufactured from natural wood material. Without any glues, it’s compostable.
Bamboo has Unique Advantages
  • Reusable. Bamboo straws are easy to clean and reusable. It can build people’s awareness of environmental protection. And it helps reduce the use of plastic straws and reduce waste.
  • Safe and Hygienic. Bamboo fiber contains a substance called a bamboo quinone, which gives bamboo products natural antibacterial properties. It prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on bamboo.
  • Eco Friendly. As bamboo grows fast. It absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide and releases a lot of oxygen. Different from plastic, the processing of bamboo products consumes a smaller amount of carbon.

Panda Bambu - Bamboo Straws Customization Expert

Wedding Bamboo fiber Straws

Weddings and other celebration events use a lot of disposable products. As an environmentalist, that’s not a smart move. Custom the natural bamboo fiber straws for your wedding. And add a sustainable touch to your event.

Corporate Bamboo Straws factory

We will laser engraved your logo on the wooden bamboo straws. And you can use these branded wood straws in a business reception or meeting. Can also be made into corporate gifts. With these eco straws, you will win the goodwill of your partner.

Zero Waste Store Bamboo Straws wholesale

Retail our bamboo straws, straws cleaner, bamboo cutlery, bamboo toothbrush, and so on. They will be a unique eco-product series in your store. Source from Panda Bambu, we will provide you with a stable supply and wholesale price.

Branded Hotel Restaurant Bamboo Straws

As plastics are banned around the world. More and more hotels and restaurants start wholesale large quantity bamboo straws from us on a regular basis. As a business owner, using bamboo straws can establish your brand eco image.

Personalized Cocktail Bars Bamboo Straws

Our wooden straws are perfect to drink cocktails and mixed drinks. As natural fiber straws, it will elevate the drinks grade. Use the wood straws with our umbrella picks together. They will be a nice decoration for your unique drinks.

Natural Bamboo Straws for Coffee Shop

Different from the plastic bad smell. Our bamboo straws have a natural bamboo scent in hot drinks. Use the fiber straws with our bamboo stirrers. Give your customers a pure quaint experience and taste.

Custom Bamboo Straws for Boba Tea House

Don’t worry about the diameter being too thin for your beverage. Panda Bambu can custom large diameter for your bubble tea or smoothie. To make sure it is easier to puncture the drinks’ seal, we can supply you with sharpened straws.

Bamboo Straws Bulk & Wholesale Panda Bambu
Wholesale Bamboo Straws from Panda Bambu

If you are looking for top grade bamboo straws for your business, Please contact us! Panda Bambu supplies custom options for our natural bamboo straws and related eco products. Such as toothbrushes, and cutlery.

Know More About Our Organic Natural Straws

Material: 100% natural bamboo

Specification: 4.0 x 125 mm, 4.0 x 200 mm, 6.0 x 125 mm, 6.0 x 200 mm, customizable.

Color: green, yellow, white, and brown (carbonized)

Laser Carved: available

Laser Logo Size: 5*50mm

Accessories: custom length cleaning brush

Packing: 100pcs x 10bags/carton, Printed paper box, cloth bag packing, and more

  • “Would purchase it again! We wholesale large quantity bamboo straws to restaurants. Panda Bambu’s straws don’t taste anything weird. Custom made cloth bags and cleaning brush has good quality also.”

  • “I have purchased their bamboo straws in bulk twice. We use the straws for smoothies and iced. Before using these bamboo straws, we used disposable plastic straws. Love their straws, saved many costs, and avoid plastic.”

  • “We are a promotional products group in European. We custom made bamboo straws from Panda Bambu regularly. They are a professional supplier! And they always supply good quality straws and fast deliver.”

How to Clean Your Bamboo Straws?

Our bamboo straws are easy to clean. You can finish it in one or two minutes. Your bamboo straws can use a long time if cleaned on time.

  • Boil your bamboo straws in brine or vinegar water before first using them. That can remove impurities and reduces wood aroma.
  • Rinse your bamboo straw with clean water in time after each use. Clean the surface stains and simply rinse the inside of the straw.
  • Use our cleaning brush to clean the inner wall of the straw. Put the brush in the straws and pull back and forth a few times in moving water. And make sure there is no beverage residue inside the straw.
  • Put the straws in a dry and ventilated place and store the straws after air-drying naturally. Don’t put the bamboo straws under the blazing sun for quite a long time. That may cause the straw to crack.
  • Store your bamboo straws in a dry and ventilated place. Do not put them in airtight bags or jars.
  • To get a longer lifespan, you can clean the bamboo straws regularly with boiling salt water or vinegar. Smear coconut oil on the surface of the straw is also a good way to maintain it. It can effectively avoid bamboo straw cracking.
What's Your MOQ?

Usually, Small MOQ starts from 50 pieces in bulk packing.

If you need custom packing, we need to check your printing and packing requirements.

Anyway, let us know your details first.

What's Your Shipping Method?

As a professional bamboo straws supplier and manufacturer, Panda Bambu has worked with many wholesalers and brand owners. We are familiar with the bamboo straws’ export process.

  1. If you want to import a large quantity of bamboo straws. Our company can export transport by sea or by train (China-Europe freight train). FOB, CIF, and DDU, all are available.
  2. If you just start the bamboo straws wholesale business. And required a small number of bamboo straws. Our company can send you the straws by international express. Such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and so on.

Your Premier Bamboo Straws Manufacturer

Panda Bambu has been in the bamboo straws manufacturing industry for years.

We have a group of workers with excellent skills.

It is our strong guarantee of punctual and high-quality delivery.


Because of the high quality and great-looking custom package, our natural bamboo straws have been highly recognized by the European and U.S market.

In a word, you can achieve one-stop purchasing from us.

And Panda Bambu will be your most reliable bamboo straws supplier.


Bamboo Straws Supplier

Start a pleasant work with Panda Bambu, MOQ needs 500 pieces only.

Panda Bambu has mature manufacturing technology for bamboo straws.

You will get amazing bamboo straws from us.

And genuinely nice custom packing.

And we will be your best bamboo straws manufacturer and supplier.

Email us to get a quick quotation now!

How Do You Polish the Bamboo Straws?

If you are seeking a bamboo straws manufacturer and supplier, you have come to the right place.

All our straws are manufactured from 100% natural bamboo.

Each bamboo straws are carefully polished during manufacturing, without any burr or black spot.

That will leave your final customers with a nice user experience. And our straws will help you to build a high-quality brand image.

Any Chemicals During the Bamboo Straws Manufacturing?

Our bamboo straws are manufactured from a whole section of bamboo.

That’s 100% natural and oganic.

Not bamboo powder extrusion molding. And no stitching.

Except for the carbonized color, all the other is 100% natural color. No dyeing.

Bamboo Straws Manufacturer-1

Custom Options for the Bamboo Straw

We can manufacture a full range of customized bamboo straws for you.

  • diameter
  • length
  • color
  • engraving logo
  • cleaning brush
  • printed paper packing box
  • cloth bag packing, and so on

Your company logo can be engraved on the straws or printed on the packages.

Bamboo Straws Manufacturer-2

Types of Bamboo Straws

To meet your market demand in different countries,

Panda Bambu can manufacture many different types of bamboo straws for you.

By Color

  • green bamboo straws
  • yellow bamboo straws
  • white bamboo straws
  • brown carbonized bamboo straws

By Sharp Head

  • sharped bamboo straws
  • flat bamboo straws

By Processing Technology

  • peeled bamboo straws
  • peeled bamboo straws

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