• bamboo steamer wholesale
  • bamboo steamer wholesale
  • bamboo steamer wholesale

Bamboo Steamer Wholesale

  • Dan and Mao bamboo material steamer can be chosen
  • Can be in direct contact with food
  • Custom size and packing according to your needs
  • Laser logo is available if you need
  • Quality steamer with a competitive wholesale price
  • Small MOQ in 500 sets

Wholesale Bamboo Steamer Basket from China

Panda Bambuis a professional steamer manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company wholesale and export high-quality bamboo steamer baskets to the world. Most clients we serve are restaurants supplies wholesalers and brand owners. And they wholesale our bamboo steamers to distributors, supermarkets or grocery stores. With top-grade bamboo steamers, Panda Bambu helps our clients get good reputation in the restaurant ware industry.

MaterialMao bamboo or Sha bamboo
Specification6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and more
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the steamer
Steamer typeRound or square
PackingShrink bag per set, and then packed in a paper carton.
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Your Premier Bamboo Steamer Basket Manufacturer

Panda Bambu can supply your company with both Dan bamboo material steamer and Mao bamboo material steamer.

And we can manufacture bamboo chopsticks for you also. You can purchase it with the steamer together.

Our bamboo steamers have different features and prices.

Panda Bambu can suggest you the right quality steamer according to your market.

The steamer is an important cooking tool in the Asian kitchen.

Bamboo Steamer Wholesale 4

Panda Bambu’s steamer is made from natural material with food grade.

Shrink packed bamboo steamer can add a colorful paper card.

That’s popular for the retail market. You can mix different specification steamer in a container.

As a reliable bamboo steamer basket manufacturer and supplier in China, all bamboo steamer wholesaled by Panda Bambu has good smooth and hardness.

It won’t hurt your clients’ hands when cooking, and it’s durable.

With high temperature steaming, the sugar of the bamboo has been excluded.

This can make sure our bamboo steamer has a long shelf like and won’t have any worms.

Bamboo Steamer Wholesale 5

The steamers are also strictly sterilized to make sure our bamboo steamers can be in direct contact with food.

To support your bamboo steamer basket import and wholesale business, Panda Bambu supplies small MOQ from 500 sets only.

Steamer size and packing are customized.

And you can choose one layer, one lid in a set.

Or you can choose two layers, one lid in a set according to your requirements.

By the way, we can make a laser logo on the steamer to improve your brand image.

If you will wholesale our bamboo steamers to a supermarket, this needs a nice packing.

Panda Bambu can supply a shrink packing per set. Besides this, we can print a nice paper card with your company logo and pack it in the shrink bag.

This can give your clients a good brand image, and you can sell a good price.

Bamboo Steamer Wholesale 6

Are you looking for a reliable bamboo steamer supplier in China?

Panda Bambu will be your best partner.

Having been in the bamboo steamer basket wholesale business for many years, our company has rich experience to work with different clients.

We can supply you with high-quality bamboo steamers at a competitive wholesale price.

Please contact us to talk details.

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