• Bamboo Paddle Skewers Manufacturer
  • Bamboo Paddle Skewers Manufacturer
  • Bamboo Paddle Skewers Manufacturer

Bamboo Paddle Skewers Manufacturer

  • Customized paddle skewers’ length and packing
  • 100% Mao bamboo material, compostable
  • Natural green and white color skewers, No coloring agent
  • Top quality skewers can be used for kebab machine
  • Free samples before you order containers
  • Small MOQ in 50 cartons with reasonable price

Bamboo Paddle Skewers Manufacturer from China

Panda Bambu is a well know skewers manufacturer. Our company wholesale quality disposable bamboo paddle skewers from China. These disposable paddle skewers were manufactured from 100% natural bamboo. It’s compostable, and it’s a sustainable business for you. With 3 years Mao bamboo natural material and high-temperature sterilization, all bamboo paddle skewers we supply to you is food grade. To be a top bamboo paddle skewers supplier in the world, Panda Bambu studies the skewers’ manufacture process deeply.

Material100% bamboo
ColorNatural green, natural white
Specification9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and so on

Normal thickness is 3.0mm.

We can custom 4.0mm thickness

And polishing the edge of the skewers for kebab machine use.

Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the skewers’ paddle.
Packing100pcs x 100bags/ctn

We can print your company logo on the inner bag.

MOQ50 cartons/item
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Bamboo Paddle Skewers Supplier from China

The color of our paddle skewers is the organic color of bamboo.

Skewers’ white color is the bamboo body color. Skewers’ green color is the bamboo skin color.

You do not need to worry, as we don’t use any coloring agent.

Whether the final customer uses the skewers for a barbecue or to produce kebab skewers, we can assure you that Panda Bambu bamboo paddle skewers are safe and healthy for your clients.

Most clients ask normal teppo Gushi bamboo skewers from Panda Bambu.

And these teppo skewers’ thickness is 3.0 mm. The length of the paddle skewers can be customized according to your requirements.

The paddle skewers which we supply to Carrefour is the 3.0 mm skewers.

skewers for Carrefour

As paddle Gushi skewers’ industry expert and leading manufacturer, Panda Bambu can custom 4.0mm paddle skewers for you.

This has better hardness than 3.0 mm skewers and a better load-bearing.

And the skewers’ body can be rounded if you hope for better quality.

If you want to use the paddle skewers on a kebab machine,

Panda Bambu has enough confidence that you will like our skewers’ quality.

Especially, if you prefer our rounded 4.0mm bamboo paddle skewers and if you distribute for Greece market.

By the way, Panda Bambu can supply free samples to you.

skewers for Greece

You can test the paddle skewers’ quality on your machine before ordering a container.

To enhance you and your clients’ brand image,

Panda Bambu can custom hot stamp logo on the paddle of the skewers as well as the inner plastic bag and outer cartons.

Your clients can use the 12 cm bamboo paddle skewers as a steak marker.

Panda Bambu will print the RARE, MRARE, MEDIUM, MWELL and WELL on the skewers’ paddle for you.

The factory small MOQ is 50 cartons per item.

steak marker with logo

Panda Bambu is always looking for long term cooperation business work.

It is different from some trustless paddle bamboo skewers suppliers.

We disdain to lower the quality and lessening the quantity to get more profit.

If you are looking for a bamboo paddle skewers manufacturer and supplier in China, Panda Bambu is your best partner.

By the way, we can supply your company bamboo round skewers also.

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