Wholesale Bamboo Mat
Manufactured from natural bamboo material, without any bad smell.
These bamboo mat we wholesaled can be natural or dyeing color.

Wholesale Quality Bamboo Mat from China

Panda Bambu has been exporting and wholesaling quality bamboo mats and rugs for years. With good quality in competitive price, our bamboo mat sells hot in the U.S and European markets. Because of a good commercial reputation in the bamboo mat industry, Panda Bambu has been recognized by more and more customers. Our customers include importers, wholesalers, and brands.

bamboo carpet

Our company supplies custom bamboo carpet and rug according to your needs. Four kinds of slip backing: gauze, non-woven fabric, non-woven felt with a dot and non-woven felt can meet your clients’ different needs.

Bamboo Sushi Mat

Wholesale top quality bamboo sushi mat from China. Our standard size is 24cm and 27cm. The color is natural green and white. The individual plastic bag can print your company logo.

bamboo schach mats

Our bamboo Schach mats popular used in Sukkah. With mature processing technology, our Schach Mat is durable. According to your market requirements, we can custom size and pack for you.

Why Global Importers Work with Us

Small MOQ
We tired our best to lower the MOQ to 30~50 cartons to support you.
Competitive Price
Our mature supply chain has lowered the cost. That can leave you a good price.
Custom Service
Custom according your company requires size, packing and printing.
Free Sample
We can arrange free samples to your company if you are a sincerity buyer.
Short Deliver Time
For normal products, the fastest deliver time of 20’GP need 15 days only.
Top Grade Quality
All products are according SGS-PCP or CE standard. That is safe and health.

Need Help?

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Your Best Chinese Bamboo Mat Manufacturer

All these bamboo mats made from natural bamboo splint.

Depending on the different usage, our bamboo mat type includes bamboo carpet, sushi mat, and Schach Mat.

Bamboo sushi mat is used for sushi foods.

It has natural faint yellow or green color only.

Bamboo carpet is widely used in hotels or households.

According to your requirements, our bamboo carpet can be manufactured in green, black, orange and so on.

Non-woven fabrics or gauze will be stick on the behind of the bamboo carpet.

Bamboo sukkah mat is used in the Feast of Tabernacles (sukkot).

Sales hot in Israel and America.

It was programmed by a machine.

Wholesale Bamboo Mat 2

Panda Bambu is a leading bamboo mats manufacturer and supplier in China.

All of our bamboo mats are made of natural bamboo material.

With a mature manufacturing process, Panda Bambu can make sure each bamboo strip has a good smooth surface, with no burr or black spots.

Our mats are safe and healthy. You do not need to worry about our quality if you purchase from our company.

Bamboo sushi mat usually made in natural white or green color.

They are manufactured according to SGS-PCP standards.

Bamboo carpet mat and bamboo placemat can be dyed in many different colors.

Hemming edge and Non-woven fabric backside are available too.

To support your bamboo mat wholesale business, Panda Bambu can custom these bamboo mats according to your requirements.

Customization can be done on size, packing, color, and so on, according to your clients’ requirements or your wholesale target market.

Panda Bambu can also supply your company with both bulk packs and individual colorful printing packs.

And your company logo artwork can be printed on the inner bag.

Wholesale Bamboo Mat 3

If you just start your bamboo mat wholesale business, you do not need to worry about the warehouse cost.

Panda Bambu can supply you with a small MOQ.

500 squares for the bamboo carpet and 30 cartons for the bamboo sushi mat.

You can purchase small quantity bamboo mat to have a test first and then gradually increase the number of orders in the future.

If you are a big bamboo mat wholesaler or importer, who has stable distribution channels, Panda Bambu can supply you with a competitive wholesale price.

And, we accept the flexible payment method. Such as T/T, L/C, D/P, and so on.

If you are looking for a reliable bamboo mat supplier or manufacturer to support your wholesale business, Panda Bambu will be your best choice in China.

Our company has worked with many clients in different business types.

With rich experience in the bamboo mat wholesale market, Panda Bambu will be your most honest supplier.

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