• bamboo cutlery wholesale
  • bamboo cutlery wholesale
  • bamboo cutlery wholesale

Bamboo Cutlery Wholesale

  • Biodegradable and renewable bamboo material
  • Cutlery includes knife, fork, and spoon
  • Hot press forming, without any chemical addition
  • According to SGS-PCP standard, food grade quality
  • Custom specification, packing, and laser logo
  • Small MOQ from 0.3 million pieces only


Wholesale Bamboo Cutlery from China

Panda Bambu is devoted to export and wholesale bamboo cutlery to the world market for years. Our company’s bamboo cutlery and tableware have been highly recognized by the European and American market. And we are always looking for more importers and wholesalers to work with us to expand the business. Our bamboo cutlery includes a knife, fork, and spoon. You have no need to worry about quality and safety. Because all of our bamboo cutlery is manufactured from 100% natural bamboo. Hotpress forming, without any chemical addition. Besides this, Panda Bambu is a disposable chopstick and skewers manufacturer also. If you are in the skewers, chopsticks, and bamboo cutlery wholesale business, Inquiry us now!

Material100% natural bamboo
Laser logoWe can laser print your company logo on the cutlery handle
Packing100pcs x 50bags/ctn.

Your custom packing and printing are available

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Bulk Bamboo Cutlery Supplier from China

You can concentrate on the bamboo cutlery wholesale business development only.

And you have no need to worry about the environmental problem. Because all we manufactured are biodegradable cutlery.

All of Panda Bambu’s bamboo cutlery is produced according to SGS-PCP standards.

That is food-grade quality, and it can contact with food directly.

Besides this, Panda Bambu strictly controls the moisture of our bamboo cutlery.

This can ensure the cutlery won’t deform and go moldy even you stock them in your warehouse for over one year.

Your client can distribute them with confidence.

Bamboo Cutlery Wholesale 4

To support your bamboo cutlery wholesale business,

Panda Bambu can custom these bamboo cutleries according to your needs such as specification and packing.

We can also make a laser logo on the handle of the bamboo utensils, which is an excellent way to build your brand image.

Some wholesalers ask for bulk packing from us, and usually, it’s 100 pieces packed in a plastic bag and 50 bags packed in a carton.

This neutral bulk packing bamboo cutlery is popular as it has a lower price and is easy to distribute through different channels.

If you have your own brand or wholesale our bamboo cutlery to the retail channel, we can do custom packing for your company.

Colorful plastic bags, head card bags, printed paper boxes, individual paper bags, and so on.

All are available.

Bamboo Cutlery Wholesale 5

If you just start the bamboo cutlery wholesale business and don’t have a large order right now, Panda Bambu can supply a small MOQ from 0.3 million pieces.

To support your bamboo cutlery wholesale business and we can suggest some hot sale tableware or flatware to you if you need it.

We hope to grow with you together.

If you are a big importer or wholesaler, Panda Bambu will try our best to offer you the most competitive price, perfect quality, and flexible payment method.

With the development of the plastic ban, I believe you have already discovered the bamboo cutlery wholesale business opportunity.

If you are looking for a bamboo cutlery manufacturer and supplier, we will be your best partner.

Panda Bambu is an expert in the bamboo cutlery industry; we can supply your company with the best solutions.

By the way, we can wholesale disposable wooden cutlery to you also.

Contact us to talk details now.

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