• Bamboo chopsticks manufacturer
  • Bamboo chopsticks manufacturer
  • Bamboo chopsticks manufacturer

Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturer

  • 100% Bamboo material that is environment-friendly
  • Food grade chopsticks, safe and healthy
  • Round, Twin, Tensoge, Rikyu, Genroku and more types
  • Custom size and printing according your needs
  • Individual half paper, whole paper and OPP pack
  • Both Chinese & Japanese style chopsticks supplied


Your Premier Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a leading bamboo chopsticks manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company focuses on manufacturing quality disposable bamboo chopsticks for over 8 years. You have no need to worry about the environmental problem. Because all of our bamboo chopsticks are producing from natural bamboo material that is environment-friendly and the best material instead of wooden chopsticks. And we wholesale bamboo cutlery to the world market also. We have to say that you are in a sunrise industry if your business covers disposable bamboo cutlery and chopsticks.

Material100% natural bamboo
Specification4.5 x 210mm, 5.0 x 210mm, 4.5 x 230mm, 5.0 x 230mm

and more

Chopstick typeRound, Twin, Tensoge, Genroku and more

With and without knot.

PackingOPP bag, paper sleeve, PE

100 pairs x 30 bags/ctn, 100 pairs x 20 bags/ctn.

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Your Best Bamboo Chopsticks Supplier

Panda Bambu manufactures many different types of disposable bamboo chopsticks for you and your clients to choose from.

And we export and wholesale disposable wooden chopsticks also.

According to your requirements, we can custom bamboo chopsticks size for you.

By the way, Customized individual paper or plastic packing is available.

We can print your logo on the paper sleeve. You can personalize these bamboo chopsticks to expand your brands.

And your company logo artwork can be printed on the sleeve of the chopsticks.

Our bamboo chopsticks type Include Round Chopsticks, Twin Chopsticks, Tensoge Chopsticks, Rikyu Chopsticks, and Genroku Chopsticks.

Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturer 4

All of them are manufactured according to SGS-PCP regulations.

They are all food-grade chopsticks that are also safe and healthy.

Disposable bamboo chopsticks supplied by Panda Bambu have a good smooth finish, no burr or moldiness.

You can stock our chopsticks in your warehouse for over one year.

Bamboo twin chopsticks with white and red sleeve manufactured by Panda Bambu popularly sells in North America and Europe.

If you import chopsticks for this market, we can meet your needs very well.

800pairs/ctn, 1000 pairs/ctn, and 2000pairs/ctn are what we have packed before for this market.

Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturer 5

As a well-known bamboo chopsticks manufacturer and supplier in the catering disposables industry.

Panda Bambu can manufacture these bamboo chopsticks in many different styles and different quality from China.

Round chopsticks are usually called Chinese bamboo chopsticks.

Tensoge chopsticks, twin chopsticks, rikyu Chopsticks, and genroku Chopsticks are usually called Japanese chopsticks.

We can suggest you the most cost-effective disposable chopsticks according to your business type.

Most clients like bamboo chopsticks without a knot.

Normally, chopsticks without knot have a better quality than chopsticks with a knot.

They are more suitable for top-quality disposable bamboo chopsticks.

However, for normal and lower quality bamboo chopsticks, the thickness of the chopsticks without a knot is usually around 4.0 to 4.5mm.

The thickness of the chopsticks with the knot is usually around 4.5 to 4.8mm.

Bamboo Chopsticks Manufacturer 6

Most bamboo chopsticks suppliers won’t tell you that sometimes the chopsticks with knot have better quality.

They’re often thicker and smoother.

So many bamboo chopsticks companies in the world, Panda Bambu’s rapid development is according to consistent quality and reasonable price.

If you are looking for a wonderful disposable bamboo chopsticks manufacturer or supplier, we will be your first choice in the global disposable products industry.

Just expand your import, wholesale, distribution, or chain restaurant business and reliable bamboo chopsticks manufacturer, and supplier.

Panda Bambu will make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Contact us to custom your brand bamboo chopsticks now!

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