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Bamboo Carpet Manufacturer

  • Natural bamboo material, without any bad smell
  • Supply custom size and packing
  • Different carpet color can be chosen
  • Perfect smooth surface without burr
  • Nonslip backing, beautiful black border and durable
  • Small MOQ starts from 500 square meters only

Your Premier Bamboo Carpet Manufacturer

Panda Bambu is a professional bamboo carpet manufacturer and supplier in China. Our bamboo carpet and rugs are made from natural bamboo flat sticks in 17 mm. These sticks are dried and planed by a machine, and then sanded to a perfectly smooth surface. All bamboo carpets are manufactured with mature production technology. It has no burr and a bad smell. The backside of the bamboo carpet is covered with gauze or non-woven. It prevents slipping and is durable in front of your clients’ doors.

Front materialNatural bamboo
Back materialGauze, Non-woven fabric, Non-woven felt,

Non-woven felt with dots

SpecificationCustom size, 2.0×2.5m, 2.0×3.0m
ColorNatural, Green, Red, Black and so on
Slats size17mm
Packing1pc/PP bag. Can be customized
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Your Best Bamboo Carpet Rug Supplier

As your premier bamboo carpet manufacturer, Panda Bambu offers custom bamboo carpets and rugs.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wholesale carpet and rugs dealer, premium hotel, or household user.

A professional bamboo carpet manufacturer company – Panda Bambu, always supplies you with the best solution and consistent quality.

By the way, we can pack a beautiful paper card with your logo per bag.

That’s a good way to promote your brand image.

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And Panda Bambu can supply small colorful bamboo mats used for a placemat.

To support your import and wholesale business, Panda Bambu supplies several hot sale colored carpets and rugs for you to choose from.

It includes green, black, blue, and red. Our carpet size is customized according to your needs.

The beautiful border material of the bamboo rugs is usually cotton.

And, the border color can also be customized.

bamboo carpet manufacturer 4

The bamboo carpet backside is usually manufactured from non-woven felt with dots, non-woven felt, non-woven fabric and gauze.

You can choose according to your needs. And Panda Bambu can recommend to you the most cost-effective carpet according to your clients’ needs.

In the bamboo carpet business, a reliable manufacturer is important for a brand owner and wholesaler.

What’s more?

You get perfect bamboo carpet quality with pretty packing, on-time delivery, competitive price, flexible payment terms, and quick response in case of any issues.

There are so many bamboo carpet rugs manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

As a reliable bamboo carpet company, Panda Bambu always tries to be the best.

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Email us to get a quick quote.

Our small MOQ starts from 500 square meters only.

We will always be your premier bamboo carpet supplier.

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