5 points to manage Japanese Sushi Restaurants

Sushi (a Japanese fish) has evolved into an item of sophistication that pleases all palates.

It is incredible how a little tampering with the making procedure can result in a stark difference in tastes.

Over the last decades, multiple Japanese Sushi Restaurants have thrived, not just in the country but the world over.

The price quotient

The restaurants should understand that the consumers’ pockets have limitations.

They cannot altogether take the ceiling off.

Yes, when they offer traditional settings and manicured rice dishes,

they would be logical pitting it at 3000-5000 yens.

However, when they place it for self-service on conveyor belts,

they should tone the price down to 100-200 yens.

The luxury and professionalism of hospitality will also admittedly have a say in pricing.

A small tip for your reference: you can wholesale bamboo sushi mats from China.

And give your customers a sushi mat when they finished eating.

That will be a small surprise for them. And the sushi mat will get them to know more about sushi.

Personality dishes

There is almost no need to take the baton on restaurants in regard to skewers.

They are quite aware of the different specialized skewers that have jumped into the wagon.

The teppo gushi skewer is firm enough to hold bacons, cod; sushi, chicken; lamb.

It is shaped much like a pocket comb with the holding end flattened and widened.

The yakitori skewer, meanwhile, is tailor-made for fingered chicken pieces.

Of late, it has started adapting to the sushi delicacies.

Noshi skewer is knotted at one end and is made of bamboo of extremely fine variety.

The holdings are generally left for some time on the skewers so that they harden and don’t fall off. Marinating is a wise idea.

Ps: If you want to purchase the above bamboo skewers, here are the Chinese bamboo skewers suppllier.

Pricing will be concomitant with the service. Sushi dishes, for instance, will be more expensive than chicken grills.

Personality Sushi Mat Dishes

Restaurant setting

Most developed countries are shifting from specialty culture to multi-cuisine flair.

This has led to the ever-growing fame of tropical as well as continental dishes.

More restaurants are dabbling in sushi than say, 2 decades ago.

Yes, you have to factor in the premise that sushi dishes

and typically concocted rice dishes should be served in a pleasant and delectable atmosphere; not amid the general din.

Cutlery must be clean and tidy.

Restaurants will have to map out their space and delve into sophistication while serving special items like sushi.


Restaurants can create a bifurcation.

They can make sure that consumers from all strata can have their stomachs full.

The shoe-strung gentry can have their sushi on the conveyor belts.

The price will be way lower here.

They can hold special rooms (either buffet or sitting) for specialized dishes and fare.

Prices will obviously be high here.

It would be great to manufacture heart-felt settings full of plant pods and live fishes in aquariums.

Who doesn’t love to have some spice in life!

Now, every culture has a definite pattern, when it comes to food. When you have Japanese good, chopsticks come naturally to mind.

There is a real case in an Italian sushi restaurant located in a super-center named Ipetali.

This restaurant customized the bamboo tensoge chopsticks with their logo that looks more luxurious.

Ps: According to a professional bamboo chopsticks manufacturer‘s experience, bamboo chopstick is the best & most popular in all over world sushi restaurants.

You know the top of the tensoge chopstick sticky together.

There will have some burrs after we break it to pick up foods.

However, most customers don’t know how to deal with it and hurt by the burr. T

hen this restaurant chose another one named bamboo twin chopsticks after got the feedback.

In fact, twin bamboo chopstick is not the best in sushi chopsticks industry.

But this sushi restaurant got good customer feedback and lower cost.

These chopsticks are used in his 7 branches in the whole of Italy soon.

The restaurant manager should keep an eye on the feedback from your customer. Sometimes, a small change can help a lot.

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